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Of the royal garden in England this weekend. Charles the third will be proclaimed king in a historic ceremony on Saturday. Buckingham Palace says the proclamation will happen at Saint James's palace in London and will be televised for the very first time. Charles is ascending to the throne following the death of Queen Elizabeth, who passed away Thursday at the age of 96. The mosquito fire continues to force thousands of people from their homes in Northern California, John Bernie has the very latest. The fire made a significant run doubling in the past 24 hours to just under 30,000 acres with 0% containment. That doesn't mean the progress towards containment isn't being made. We're still building containment lines. Public information officer Chris vestal says conditions in the afternoon hours present a challenge on the fire lines. The sun or the atmosphere heats up and preheats the vegetation and it allows it to burn more freely and actively. Smoke is helping by keeping temps down, but it also prevents aircraft from joining the fight. Some top House Democrats are requesting an investigation into airline companies usage of pandemic funds following weeks of thousands of flight delays and cancellations representatives Carol maloney of New York and James Clyburn of South Carolina said they were concerned about federal funds being used for things like buyouts and early retirements. In a letter they wrote to deputy inspector general of the treasury, Richard delmar, the lawmaker said these issues may be the reason for the shortage of commercial pilots, the airline industry received over $60 billion in pandemic relief funds in 2020, and Ukrainian president Vladimir zelensky is set to address U.S. defense contractors later this month as the headliner for the annual conference, the future force capabilities conference and exhibition is hosted by the national defense industrial association with zelensky scheduled to speak September 21st, and that's the very latest I'm Jim Forbes. A former top Federal Reserve official says the fed will raise interest rates as inflation is way too high. X vice chair Richard clarita told CNBC interest rate hikes are likely going to 4%, the fed has been steadily raising rates to fight soaring inflation and is expected to do so again later this month. As wildfires rage in California, officials are saying it could be worse in the fall. Has the very latest. The Los Angeles Times reports the recent heat wave is making a lasting impact on the fire season, a meteorologist for the U.S. force services geographic coordination center says the high heat and low humidity has created an ultra flammable scenario. He noted dead fuel moisture levels in the Sacramento valley foothills are at a 25 to 30 year low. That's the same area where the mosquito fire is currently burning. I met Matt and sin. Vice president Kamala Harris says America's leadership in space must be preserved and enhanced, speaking at NASA and Houston, Harris called it essential to U.S. national and economic security. She promoted the Artemis program which will return American astronauts to the surface of the moon, Harris called space and undiscovered and unrealized opportunity she added quote space has incredible potential for all people. The VP made the remarks while chairing a meeting of the national space council, and Rudy Giuliani is facing severe backlash after calling 9 11 in some ways the greatest day of his life. The former mayor of New York City made the divisive comment in a recent interview ahead of the 21st anniversary of the terrorist attack. When asked about the anniversary, Giuliani told interviewers his feelings were complex. He described it as the worst day of his life, but in some ways, quote, the greatest day of my life in terms of my city, my country, and my family, he also talked about being transfixed by a man jumping out of the World Trade Center and made comments about the man's body, hitting the ground. I'm Jim Forbes. Now this Bloomberg sports update with the mets losing 6 to three in Miami on Friday evening, coupled with the braves win in Seattle, the metropolitans find themselves a half game out of first place in the NL east. Carlos Carrasco will try to write the ship on Saturday evening in south beach. Meanwhile, the Yankees fell to the rays four to two in The Bronx on Friday night and held the Hall of Fame tribute night for Derek Jeter a year after his induction into cooperstown. Here's the captain, who was back in The Bronx. This is home for me. He's here for 20 years. I mean, he crossed the street in this building, so at 20 years that I played pretty much every day, and this is where I feel most comfortable. So yeah, of course I miss Yankee Stadium. And but I had my head down when I was in Miami. You know, I was focused on what we were trying to accomplish down there. But now that that is behind me, you know, I'm looking forward to hopefully, you know, spend a little bit more time here. It's week one of the NFL season and the Giants visit the Titans on Sunday while the jets host the ravens on Sunday evening, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers visit Dallas while Russell Wilson returns to the Seattle as a Bronco on Monday night. The U.S. open finals are set. Today on the women's side, it will be top seeded eager tech taking on on jabor while Sunday on the men's side, Casper Ruud will take on Carlos alcaraz who defeated Francis TFO on

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