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Colorado can we use radio time is nine o'clock our top story some areas could see some heavy snow tonight more on that story coming up first let's check traffic with Aaron Copeland well there's no is already starting if you're looking at I. seventy coming down about Georgetown Idaho springs down towards jealousy you're seeing some slows at speeds that is due to the snow I twenty five is still in good shape no problem but it is wet so watch for delays of actually coming they're also seeing some slowing on the boulder turnpike just west of superior so be aware of that as well hi dear cook without gateway newsradio the fifty eight ninety four one FM fox thirty one pinpoint whether it's cloudy right now thirty eight degrees we have clouds and snow in store for us tonight low down about twenty eight Thursday it'll be cloudy and snow continuing with a high near thirty one degrees and that is our top story on KOAA news radio winter weather advisory is in effect for much of the metro area fox thirty one chief meteorologist Dave Frasier says some areas could see some heavy snow yes snow in the deepest will clearly be west of I twenty five in across the northern front range so you leave Denver and go up towards places like fort Collins Loveland Longmont continuing towards birth it and then into the foothills near Nederland Alan's park those areas could see anywhere from six to nine inches of snow Dave says the weekend looks great with lots of sunshine governor pollicis starting to look at the long term effects of the statewide to stay at home order and how rolling back restrictions will be gradual the virus will be with us we have to find that sustainable.

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