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Slimming and closing in on none that Americans will Seymour Corona virus related financial leave before the election. Senate negotiations broke down Thursday, with both parties blaming the other. There doesn't seem to be a ton of urgency coming out of the White House, and I think that's a big piece of y things. Are stalled up here on Capitol Hill, NBC's Casey Hunt. The sides have moved farther apart, but it's not all over yet. The House is in session until October. 2nd and the Senate doesn't break for the election until the ninth. Fraud is now alleged in a big part of the last financial package, the Paycheck Protection program, or P P P, which provided forgivable loans to small businesses that agreed not to lay people off during the pandemic, FBI Deputy Assistant Director John Jimenez We've opened several 100 PPP related investigations. We've identified nearly 500 PPP related subjects. Individuals we believe have project Lee requested to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in care act stimulus funds directed to P p pee loans, but only 57. People have actually been charged. However, IRS deputy Chief of Criminal investigations James Lee bows to track down all the others. Those of you out there, they think you're smart. You think you're staying under the radar? Because you're not flowing the stolen money. You know, I'm here to tell you that you're not smart. We all see you and you cannot hide from these paper and digital trails that you're leaving behind. For us to follow. The program was established March 27th of this year with the signing of the cares Act. Twitter wants to. Suddenly, some of the San Francisco office space now that its employees can permanently work from home near London buried says That trend is threatening the city's entire economy. U. S. Consumers are projected to spend a billion hours shopping on mobile devices this holiday season. That's according to AP, Annie a Mobile data and analytics company that would be 50% more shopping by phone than last year. Amazon's delayed Prime day is expected in early October. Ali Baba Singles Day comes in November ahead of Black Friday in the kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Consumer and Business News Joe McConnell, NBC news radio. I just don't think that's happening. I think we've learned enough about Corona virus, how to take care of it, how to be healthy and to stay out of harm's way and how to be smart about it, and businesses should be able to continue to run. I just don't think there's gonna be a shutdown. You know, Even if Trump doesn't mandate a mask mandate like Biden wants to do. I have a lot of different opinions. All those things aside, How are they gonna affect the market? I don't know if you're worried about it, take your profits and go to the sidelines until the market settles down. You know if you are scared about losing money in the market, because either person that gets elected is going to cause a crash, and by the way, I think because of where the market is, it is so valued at such a crazy level Seriously, it's it's just unprecedented, and there's really no underlying economic factors. That makes sense. I mean, the article we talked about earlier in the show discusses that you know you've got Jeff Bezos selling $5 billion His own stock, almost five of his own stock in Amazon, or why would he be raising cash? There's over $5 trillion in money market funds right now, when the heck if the stock markets that could wise wiser, so much money in money market funds, I think it was only like there's five trillion. I think it was only like 1.5 trillion or less than two trillion when the stock market crash in. Oh, wait where people were starting to get afraid. Start raise cash. There's a lot of people a lot of smart people that are raised in cash right now. You're not going to be considered dumber on out wire if you decide to raise cows. Asher and take profits right now, when the stock markets at an unprecedented high if you sell right now you are selling high You are selling high no matter what. Unless you bought it yesterday. You can't not so high, so why not take profits? Why not be happy? You have what you have, If you miss a little bit upside because you have peace of mind. Let's say the stock market goes up 10% after the election, you get all bummed because you miss out Well, what if the election happens? People say Well, everything goods already been priced into the market. Trump wins, So it's trump economy. Well, is he really going to get everybody back to work in time? Is it really going to make up the difference for all the money that we've lost this year in the economy may be already priced in and Trump election win. Maybe it's time for the market to correct and go backto sanity while we try to dig out of all the debt that we've already caused with the Corona virus, stimulus packages, maybe. Ah, if Biden wins, people gonna get scared and sell a market off, So either way, maybe the market goes down 50. Would you rather say, Well, I'm so interested in making 10 or 15 after the election that I'm willing to take a chance on losing 50th election doesn't go the way the market wants it too, Then. You should be out. If you can't afford to lose the money. If that'll make you sick, then you should be out. If you've got five or 10 years if you're my kids, and I don't know if I'm going to retire, But quite frankly, I'm divesting in the market personally, not all of it, but I've got a very small percentage of money in the market compared to what I had a few years ago, And that's because you know what's great time to get out. Great time. Take profits. Great time to kind of wait out and see the stock market get to better,.

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