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So basically what do you notice what your memory is supported and pat scientist of some amazing research here they found the people that are you paint it support their memory and actually helps the blame and utilize shooting better it support memory of people that are leap the product it's been shown help people and numbers quicker and for a longer period of time without mental fatigue get to study pat because i d five days of eight grams of korea team supported middle so you're they were getting rapid fire question scientists worst film met questions and trying to questions over and over and over and they ran on the focused on korea team didn't but he gets quickly mentally so this is amazing stuff they play go turbo booster or your brain like super charger for your most notably charges all your so you but battery so up you're still issues in oregon have more readily available amateur so i doc i love that ever strong appeal stay athletes and people want to get more reps in the gym maybe get some extra power into workouts but you're also saying there's a big portion attrition all community to encourage on the forty spiff the sixty seventies an even eighties to leverage the power of korea team to stay fit strong unhealthy but you say korea team is going mainstream you know i shared the story with you before my mom who's in or late seventies now she's taking created she works out a couple of days a week three days a week she goes to not a los does the free weights because she's got a steal pero su she wants to maintain her muscle mass and he wants to maker bone stronger and as you pointed out korea team helps to do that and then the other three days during the week show go in shore sweat not she's not trying to get bigger stronger anything like that but even at her age korea team.

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