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I don't even know how he did. Slow down man. Oh this was July not Mexican in the Perez. What yeah why before the date yet. You like twelve still at the Gar pond at the Gar. Cannetto in the mid range tries to shore up looks like Ladas complaining for Blow Blowpipe then looked like it was every even when they made a lot of old lives. Right hand stumbled them. Laura Laura Laura overhand looking Laura Laura Lucky. He got a life fight. Yeah man on the top term. No don't do it then. He slit his throat. Like I killed him. He's slated to my job. I did it. He said off with his hand Let me see let me see some man Edam At the Mitsubishi had Yo so it looks Li- my first time going. I gave us it to Laura back. No but I told Ya I told you that fourteen right you can talk about back in two thousand fourteen but right now.

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