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Slew as a four year. Old and affirmed as a spectacular bid as a four year old. I mean what these horses can do sore when they really are more maturity than and you know then the three I mean with Omaha beach it would just my mouth waters waters. Would he could accomplish. Perhaps this year as a four year old. And it's just a shame. I mean as Andy Sterling said. You can't knock the people for taking the money not off the table in it. You know you get it. I mean and you you've said it too. I mean you've got all these people with invested a lot into this game and when you get something like this you know you just have to cash in chips I mean it really is though it just makes sense but when I see someone like beholder race as long as she did and of course there's a big difference between a female thoroughbred and a and a stallion prospect. But still I mean just to get one more year at home beach and of course we never got that one more year out of secretary at either so it does happen that we're we're. We're disappointed by that. But I did think worldstar actually ran in a pretty good race here to That's been overlooked. You know people were so high on him coming out of the Santa Anita Derby and I actually thought his race in the Damascus was pretty darn good against flagstaff. I mean they threw it down in the final furlong in that race and I didn't think wolster off a layoff lost anything in defeat in performance. And yes he laid an egg in the native diver but he came back and got you know ran a a good race. I thought in the Malibu. The disappointment was complexity. There would shipped in off the Big Win for Chad Brown and boy he was. He was a big disappointment. Appointment at two to one in that race and more forces turned into an absolute beast He's kind of similar to Omaha beach in Omaha beach lost. His first four races won four in a row and more forcing he struggled in the main ranks and lost his first five races and now he's won four in a row so a real similarity from that standpoint and the two forms and this more Borsa he really got to give. Peter Miller a lot of credit here. This this the Sun oncle mole was just blossomed. And of course as you said there weren't has been telling us that even before the source for how good he was so very certainly proved right. You know I always think Berry because I remember talking with Mike Mitchell. One time in it was Mike Mitchell who Barry Abrams out to get unusual heat. Who would turn out to be one of the greatest California sires in history? And one day I was sitting there the sand and either either Walking ring and On a bench with Mike Mitchell we were just chatting and that was back when I was doing the simulcast commentary. Sorry for all those years for Santa Anita and Somehow it came up about it unusual heat. Mike says you know I was the guy that that Berry had to out out. Shake for that horse. And he says people don't realize how important it was the very one that shake because I was going to kill them. Yeah so if you think of Mike Mitchell getting that horse gelding him and all those sons and daughters of unusual heat never being born. That is just mind boggling to contemplate so that is certainly one for the books but and then I thought really A. One of the most debt I think one of the most impressive performance in it really was absolutely dazzling for the trainer who you voted for third on your eclipse award valid written. You know what I think. That wasn't bad at all. Richard Baltics third on your ballot but Venetian harbour that race. That she ran turn her maiden diploma. That was just eye-popping. I thought and she got a ninety. Four buyer turned out to be the second biggest buyer by a t zero filling in the whole country for two thousand nineteen. So this is a filly who a daughter of munnings out of street crime air who I think has extremely bright future. She had lost her career debut as an even money. Favourite to another Richard Baltimore's training actually on the turf and and Boy when he switched Venetian.

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