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Who are chazar to our credit at took them nine years yup in happen i don't see that happening we'll travellers as area is a place of like miraculously amazing governmental you know feats rate so not only do you get rid of apartheid but you have a truth and reconciliation council and then they can get zuma zuma done by the end sees the and sees the ruling party in sieg gave gave south africa the look it has now right so i mean winnie mandela's the head of the i think or an honor and i was a lot of countries you put the but the point is that they finally ousted the cancer that they have that would be like the republican party like getting rid of donald trump basically what the with the republican party did to dick nixon in the 1970s i don't see it happening now because those people add scruples and morals and they were like enough is enough but would yeah we jacob zuma i mean that is nine minutes losing seats right in parliament's earlier whereas pop that part of it and and the parliament votes for the president to their non directly voting for their president well i think the big issue here was that the anc the african national congress congress's the ease the group that the party that gave us an end to apartheid right it's nelson mandela's party it's was it's got this wonderful amazing legacies you mentioned the truth and reconciliation commission and so he i think it was really hard for people to vote against the a and see at any point to the anc cup have winning and winning and winning and winning and zuma knew that he was very charming and charismatic and he was funny any would dance at rallies and be it when people just kind of loved him and he was a part of role south africa zone people loved that he konica connect with those voters and stuff like that and so made i mean the the twenty 'cause like trump is not a part of rural anything but for whatever reason these championed by rural america i would say no for her rhetoric on coal miners and whatever going begun cool and.

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