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That is a new closure. Downtown Freeway West. We've got police activity across the freeway westbound, blocking the access to Main Avenue, New York Avenue, outbound just beyond in New Jersey Avenue northwest before you get to North Capitol Street. We've got a reported crash obvious closures around the inauguration day parking restrictions as well around the White House. The National Mall, tooling around capital forming this security perimeter. Some of the newer ones lower 14th, now not accessible from the freeway, headed toward L. ST. H Street is blocked between North Captain Third Street, North East, You've got the North bound Third Street Tunnel. No access to U. S. Capitol. That's exit nine. The North Down 12 Street tunnel is closed between the Southwest Freeway headed up to constitutionality. Independence Avenue is closed between Third Street, Southwest and Second Street Southeast, and the Big Close your Long Constitution Avenue between 2013 12 Street Northwest. Also between first three Northwest and second Street, North East, all the numbered streets across the mall will be closed as well again with inauguration. All this will be going on through next Wednesday into next Thursday. Fullest on w t o p dot com In Virginia, Couple hiccups 28 Going north bound your wax Pull road. The crash Watch out on 95 south after the Dale City Rest area crashed on the right shoulder. Georgetown Pike up near, Walker wrote in Great Falls, the reported crash. There's been one on the Legion Bridge. This was Maryland toward Virginia on the outer loop on the bridge itself. The left side had been tied up. With the accident activity and we still have our crews working in Leesburg. The scheduled utility work on West Market Street between Loudon and South King Streets, all scheduled till 7 A.m.. The roadway is blocked on the rail. Starting this morning through Friday morning. You've got Metro closing 11 stations today. The Red Line, Farragut, North Judiciary Square and Union Station Archives. Arlington Cemetery. Farragut West. McPherson Square, Federal Center Capital, South Smithsonian, and Federal Triangle all closed today through Friday. Tomorrow, Metro Center and Gallery Place will close the new diamond Mine fast play game from the Maryland Lottery has a progressive jackpot that starts at $250,000 and keeps growing. Play fast. Win fast with fast play. Please play safely and responsibly. Jack Taylor, w T. O P. Traffic and meteorologist Matt Ritter met Looks like our dry stretch is just about over. Just about over the clouds are overhead, but we still have several more hours until the showers.

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