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Isn't immorality. Morality nation. Tell that Nancy, and Chuck tell that to the family of officers sing tell that to the family, the parents that I interviewed Wendy DJ Pierce Corkran's. Parents mother and father that was killed in Knoxville Tennessee last week by illegal immigrant tells that any one of the three hundred families a week that are losing their sons and daughters dead from heroin the ninety percent of which is coming in from our open southern voters tell it to them that it's a manufactured crisis and and and immorality to build the fence and protect our southern border. Conservative underground meets later today on the Sean Hannity show. An officer involved shooting at an elementary school. Good morning. I'm Jacqueline Scott indicate cocaine use user, this is Oklahoma's first news, cloudy and cool today. Our forecast is coming up at officer involved shooting at Wheeler elementary school that's near south east twenty fifth and buyers. It happened about four this morning. Police say the officer had been involved in a chase with the suspect that chase ended at the school. So far no word about what led to the shooting. The suspect's condition is not known. The officer was not injured to sixth grade girls in Lindsey accused of compiling a hit list targeting middle school students in the district. The girls have been suspended the school learned about it before Christmas break at school officials determined the threat was not real and didn't immediately tell parents about it. The district is now increasing security passing out, literature and planning and assembling to discuss it with students. The mother of one of the girls says her daughter has been bullied at school and made the. List as a way to blow off steam, but never intended to act on it to women apparently on what metro police. Call a mini crime spree. We get more from KT okays Calvin, right? Oklahoma city. Police say the first of two recent robberies happened at a Family Dollar store on northeast tenth street employees were in the process of closing at the time when they were confronted by a woman armed with a gun. Police say four days later, a convenience store in south east fifteenth street, which police say no one was hurt in either crime. But anyone that's information is asked to call crime stoppers at two-three five seventy three hundred police want to talk to a man suspected of taking pictures of a woman in a changing room officers were called to Dick's sporting goods new memorial and pen on December twentieth. A woman told them she was trying on items in the dressing room when she saw a shoe under the door with a cell phone on it with a camera facing her. The suspect is. Described as a white, man. Possibly in his thirties medium build with a receding hairline. After a taco truck was robbed in Oklahoma City. Police are looking for a suspect it happened Monday night near south west twenty ninth and independence and employee reported. A man walked up to the side window of the truck and asked for a taco telling the employees, he only had a dollar the suspect entered the truck armed with a gun. Here reportedly took cash and a cellphone the suspect is described as Hispanic about five four one hundred ninety pounds with a full beard about a half inch in length people visiting the Oklahoma state penitentiary and McAllister are in for some changes all visitors no longer inner through the administration building. Instead, they must now use the entry at the prisons h unit. Also, visiting hours have changed for several units. Weekly visitation for medium security, D N E units is on Saturdays and Sundays inmates. In the maximum security unit can have visitors on Saturdays and the si unit on Sundays governor elect, Kevin Stitz appointed employees will not be required to disclose their personal finances. That's under Oklahoma's ethics policy. Stick chose many of his cabinet appointments and employees from the private sector the state's reform ethics rules require only personal financial disclosures. From elected officials stood who founded gateway mortgage group. LLC must file a personal financial disclosure statement within thirty days of taking office. From.

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