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Hey hello everyone and welcome to talk nerdy today is monday december fourth and i'm your host cara santa maria this is the last of several podcast intro said i'm recording from the road and actually time travelling even more this time because i'm still in new zealand while i record this i'm about to leave wellington i'm going to stop often op auckland for just a bit and then head on to hong kong and southern china but for now so that i can send my podcast equipment back on home i'm going to go ahead and record the intro to this episode and guys it's going to be a really good one but before i tell you who's on the show i want to thank those of you who help support talk nerdy and remember there's a lot of ways to do it but the whole point of this is that talk nerdy is and will always be one hundred percent free to download it's because of listener support from people like you that people who can't afford to support the show will still be able to listen to it for free my top patrons this week include filty bear timothy glover rob shrek pedro amro's ario barbosa jeffrey peres charles pay it jonathan right christian jeffrey stewart oak the honorable husband jae gabrielle philippi had a mule gonzalez brian holden and jeffrey sewell now if you want to hear your name called out on the show all you've got to do is go to patriarchcomtalk nerdy and pledge our support and remember another great way to support the show now that it's a holiday season is to shop in the talk nerdy store if you go to my website cara santa mariacom and click through to the talk nerdy store you will see that i still have a bunch of things for sale but i'm about to move over to a new style of merchandise store so i've got a sell out of everything i have right now so i'm going to be doing a sale going to be doing its active right now i don't know i said that in the future tense probably because i'm timetrial.

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