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Secretary Jen Psaki already had one nickname. I'm going to circle back now, Dan Bongino has given her another Jen Psaki, peppermint patty of the Biden administration sake gets up there on the electron. He says. Yes, we're basically flagging and tracking stuff for Facebook because we don't like some of the conversations about Covid. You don't get to say what you know. We don't care. We're not asking you. What you like. What part of the Constitution did we not read? You have the right to free speech accepted. Peppermint. Patty doesn't like it. Did we miss that? Where is that? Look, I'm having enough trouble without your fantastic stories. Of course, we did. Doesn't say that anywhere in the First Amendment. Someone should tell Patty over there in the White House that that's not in there. I'm pretty sure I have a legitimate copy that says they cannot get between freedom of speech. And you On Geno, keeping an eye on circle back Peppermint Patty Jen Psaki weekdays nine to noon on your radio and smart speaker at 5 60 ksfo. The number of homeless was on the rise when we all went into hiding because of Covid. How is it now? Gavin New Selenia, California's signed a $12 billion bill to fight homelessness. $12 billion. Newsome made reducing homelessness a key part of his gubernatorial campaign in 2018, But the unsheltered population has increased 24% since then. Gosh, what would have happened if it wasn't one of his key pleasure? So what do you explain, uses an explanation for the increase. I think the easier you make it to live outdoors. NBA bomb slash junkie, The more of it you're going to get it would seem it's pretty clear that the more money you throw at this, the more Homeless We end up with tell me that whatever town you're talking about Portland, Seattle Davis, California Wherever that the more services you come up for the homeless, the more homeless you.

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