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So far, but I'm I'm very curious as I mentioned listeners might be to how you found your way back to it because even when we realized we had missed a few episodes, even when we realized we had missed an entire season, even when we got feedback from listeners from the Facebook group from superfan MS mail that we were missing out, we just didn't feel the urgency. Yeah, and I'm going to say why that is, but I think I might disappoint those people even more in doing so, and we should say right now the top that we will be disease spoiler zone. So we're going to be talking about things that happen across the first three seasons in the first few episodes of season for and I can answer that question really simply because it was a revelation for me and watching these season for episodes. Man. I didn't care for the character of Chuck. Okay. I really, I know that this is not something that I have an argument for. It's not something that I have like, here's why this character was holding the show back if anything, the tension between Chuck and Jimmy was the truly original work of this show. I mean. I think I have tons of of of high praise for it, and I have lots of detailed reasons why. I think it's a great show, but for me and this is just one of those things that I, you can't legislate this. We Andy and I can't talk you into or talk you out of liking something you like or like like something you don't like. I just never really connected with the odyssey of that character with his with his illness. And I found that I just I, I would rather honestly watch Kim Wexler doc review than deal anymore with the Jimmy Chuck thing. And I just, I never enjoyed it. You know what I mean? It's something about Michael McKean that I dislike. It's nothing about Bob Odin kirks performance with him, and it's nothing about the excellent writing that went into that character. I just never really connected on visceral level with the plot that plotline. And I think that was a huge, huge thing because if you don't want to watch a major part of a show, you're just not gonna watch it. So it's interesting this season for has had a little bit of a noticeable uptick in ratings, and I think that's obviously that better call Saul is reaping the same benefits that breaking bad did, which is this is a stencil ably an AMC show that is highly highly helped out by net flicks. Because those episodes are readily available to watch in the format which you've suggested is more suited towards this show, which is the binge-watch format. And I basically slammed through season three and got through it knew already what was going to happen just because had been spoke from me by the internet, but just I was able to get through it. And then as soon as I hit season for men, as soon as I watched smoke and breathe the first two episodes I was like now now it's the show that I wanted to be well worth noting that this season so far is really, really approaching breaking bad territory in terms of yes, material, not even. I don't not about the quality. One of the things that I have used repeatedly to kind of not all down a peg even when I was praising it was the frustration I felt with the prequel format, which is knowing where things are going, knowing that certain characters are not in jeopardy yet heard the heard of the drama in hurts our emotional invest. In the characters in their situations in their relative levels of of peril. There's a weight with that, and I think speaks again, have been skill again, Google just diabolical highs in genius the way they can the way they take potential negatives during the positive, the way they at least give the appearance of meticulous planning, which is to say that if you know where things are going and you're confident in that and your confidence that people will want to see that, then you have this enormous luxury of showing all step. It's not just the slide down or the or the the, it's like it's like a giant waterslide. Basically the breaking bad fine. The first three seasons, a better call Saul or watching them go up step..

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