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Is the shit man man he looked just like tom cruise people will come up to black dudes will come up because black if you look a little bit like tom cruise and you're white white people be like that's not tom cruise but black he'll be late whereas mission impossible six coming out the same for white people to black people are always like people like that's racist. Dude you thought fuck in. Mario van peebles was omar epps. And you're like it's not just. I'm a white guy. Give me some leeway you know. But he but yeah dude. He looked like tom cruise. I don't remember why i was making that racist joke. But whatever may maybe. Because i'm fucking racist it. Can we just agree that. Everybody's a little bit racist and it's not even in a fucking like we love. You can love more than you actually. Do you know what i mean like. Give her fucking like white. People are like like okay. If okay all right let me just break this down. What race eats like this. Nobody would say anything but a white guy. Is that racist. You're watching this podcast. I say what race eats like this. How many what percentage you think thought white guy. That's not racist or we're all a little bit racist doesn't mean you can't love white people to yeah we like that some of us definitely no mexicans of black people like that but when we we'll do is kind of gross fuck man. There's a good time it's a good time. It is what it is my baby. It is what it is. We have a good time though we do. We have a good time. I get home from therapy. Just rip roar and better than i was and a walk up the stairs and kristen is with our friend and i'm like hello. They're not in the rooms that we always hang out in. And i hear and i'm like they're upstairs..

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