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Of not made many Costly mistake. Certainly not, but not even many mistakes with their puck management. But that one was a biggie, and it ends up in there now rated pointed center ice dumps it in. Now it's a brand new game. It's 2 to 2. Chris Wagner at center ice marches into the lightning end. It's alive, Jokey Nordstrom Lapointe process Corral your eight circles. Use. Jack McDonagh takes it away in the far corner knuckleballs at Port Point Boy that bounced off his stick. Done again behind it out. When your psycho drop clears it, It's gonna go down the ice. No icing comes in on Rask shovels it away to the far corner for McAvoy. McAvoy is bumped makes a play, though, for Wagner, who clears it to center ice. Ruins have jumped now, as they've rallied from two nothing down second straight game lighting have not been able to protect to nothing. Lead yon rude and lining in early third Would have been in their pocket reflects it down the ice, and Stevens was down there in case they were thinking of calling icing, which I think it has been waived off the grass covers it just to be sure. To face off in the Boston and 17 21 left now to to to back to char just rift future that the net on the vast he just missed this one. He should have had Went right under his right arm face off in the Boston end. Rask left Stevens and soil and it's one by coil. It spiked out by crude all the way back to Yan Ruda. Meted out to center ice crew is there to knock it down and pump it for DeBrusk office stick. Instead, it's gonna be handled by headmen momentarily lose Anders York Miracle Force it in by the lightning that three minutes God in the third, it's 2 to 2. I'm a ruin of the near side pocket. Scales that high in the air back to Boston Ice Carlo Rifts behind Boston. Off the new year boards. He sends it. Market a steel wheels and shoots kicks a maid. Rask Rebound A circle of love Circle. Shoot! Save again! Rask Pocket, Right Circle. Great point. Ruda shoots 1/3 safe harass. These are all kind of routine glove that last one whole time. 16 35 remaining two to the score. And his face stop will come to the left. Of the goaltender to Caracas. But again, it's just a bad start. Not give away. Single, It's in your net. But I didn't see that one there. I could see Vastic. Bergeron and Johnson. 50 50 on it comes to Grizzly, right wing posture knock it center. Exacts into the lightning zone. Circuits have cut him back in his.

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