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Fifteen dollars for crying out loud excuse me it's going it's not going to say stephen smith or stephen is going to say espn or stephen a smith of espn and the same applies to older beckham junior there's a reason why the commission the national football league has this distinction stipulation with the collective bargaining agreement where they talk about conduct detrimental to the team or what have you where you're not even convicted or indicted yet and still there's some penance that you have to pay according to the league because you've done something to impugn and sully their brand i hate it but it's reality and it's a reality all of us have to live with odell beckham do you cannot beat here's the dow trust trust they don't know what can trust fair that's fair and that's what i mean by out availability but here's the question real quick because molly i agree that's really what they're concerned about stephen a do you believe that they're concerned about what your brand representation warned do you believe they're more concerned with saving some money and they can put this on the table as chick it's bro he now has to negotiate it's both i think it's both because at the end of the day if they were to say what you are doing is compromising our bottom line because we're losing sales in paraphernalia or something along those lines if he sells it is easy sal sales i understand that but you never know what kind of impact that could potentially have i think he's on the field.

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