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You took serious notes. When when their child was reporting things wrote down names Didn't both parents parents were christian religions and you know resisted notion of reincarnation but their child. Their children had such strong experiences. Such vivid memories that were coming through and they were not pleasant. They're problematic and distrupt disturbing to the child that they couldn't really ignore the information. Yeah that was so emotions. Like i wanna see my kids again. Thank this little kid. I'm gonna see my kids. Yeah heeled while going to california and meeting the daughter of martin who was the the man the actor. An agent who had was reincarnated was fascinating. Because you know she's probably dislike all of us like you gotta be hit as my dad or you're pointing out that she she goes through the list and i had to say to her like that's a lot that he had gotten right and and you have to remember that this now. If you google marnie martin. He's all over. the internet. know what he was bill buddy. Yeah no one. That was written up in that you could easily locate. Or they didn't even know his name was margie. Martin that took to figure out if you so crazy so kind of a side note. But of course i couldn't help wonder because i've been talking to producers for the last ten months. Was that meeting like we're thinks film during the pandemic. when was this may when was it. Just give me the timeline. I'm so curious how you pulled it off. It was mostly filmed. I would say ninety nine point nine percent of it was filmed before the pandemic so we were in post in had been editing. You through march when it really hit In new york but we did we did have the little shoots but yeah all of that was before and the timing you know. People are like oh surviving. Death how appropriate. We'll hit now idea is.

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