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State, no trickery, never wore the home location. Wasn't a Dave Winfield. Be robin. Yount see Hank Aaron or D critic Bijou one of these men never wore the name of his home city or state. Wow. Winfield yount Aaron Bijou now. And in my still going I under the old rules. Yes. We stick with those. Yes. Okay. In the interest of time. I'm going to streamline it. I could sit here, and mole, and mole and mole and talk over. But I'm gonna say it's Craig busy. Oh. Man. Yeah. I have I have it down to two Winfield yount Aaron BG. Oh. Boy, sorry. I'm dragging this out. I'd like it. Yeah. Now, he's taken them at times. I gonna take and taught I appeal for we need some parliament Ray area. And yes, some some Brexit or something. Yeah. Exactly. I'm going to say the gentleman yield is time and give it back water or Robin yount. Well, you're both wrong because it was Hank. Aaron dang it. Oh that was my second choice. Oh, yes. Hank Aaron both breathes and brewers just Braves and brewers never Milwaukee Atlanta. So. Trench warfare begins, the tragic invest gust, and we moved forward, man. Oh, that's awesome. What a great quiz top. Thanks for doing this. And thanks for adjusting on the fly. They talk about the Trident. We'll keep discover station going guys. Thanks a lot. So before every Sunday night baseball game. I talked to a lot of players and try to get some background collect some thoughts and observations from various players, and I asked Freddie, Freeman about Ronald kunia junior. And I tell you what what he said surprise me how you hitter rise since the beginning of last year. He's taken walks. That's that's the biggest thing. He wants to hit the swing is still wants to do that. I think it's gets a little upset when he walks but won t learn take his walks in the second half. He became a whole different player. Opening. They took two walks. Got a pitch the hit me. That's gonna make them in the mitroff level in my opinion. You said I remember talking to you once about that. I want to say like four years ago. I was like what turnaround you see stops pitch zone. That's the whole key telling them that. A little bit. They're not gonna give in. They're not gonna give them this in the big leagues. They're going to him being twenty one years old. They're going to see if he's going to chase. See if he gets frustrated, I still get frustrated. Believe me I do. I wanna hit two. But when you find yourself sort of swinging when you've got a real back in and if he's taking walks really on like he did day. It's leaking to see Ronald kunia income players. When did you start to see that change? After after he came back from his injury. Here's a little different player. Especially in the second half the season. Once he started taking walks really didn't know what to do anymore because they were getting he's getting into. Here's counts every single a bad. It seemed like and he started making him pay. And that's great do. Do. Day that I that forty five thousand he doesn't take the fat off his shoulders draws that wall had fallen behind to is that just kind of a sign that his. I'm sure it's I don't know what is ceiling is. You know, it's every single day does something as well. As you. To be twenty one years old, and I day to go out there and your first they'd be promise you I've been swing. I say. So. Even in spring training. He was taking you thinking a lot more pitchers in spring training. I don't know if he's trying to set hitters set up for the season. But a lot more than I was accustomed to seeing. And if he starts.

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