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I'm just gonna leave that in your hands to figure out what we're gonna do. Dodgers are trailing right now in saint louis just a crap lineup. They put out there right in there. Not scoring any runs their offense they lead the league in runs scored but their offense lately has been kinda flat yet. One top of the eighth now and john get this. They've bellinger in the five whole steven souza junior in the six whole seven. Whole is billy mckinney. Eight whole was austin barnes. I don't know what dave roberts was thinking. Well getaway day they're gonna fly today and play against the padres tomorrow he might be setting it up for the potteries now. Who started for the dodgers today. It was tony gone slim. Who gave him. I think three good innings and the bullpen sprint. Pretty solid i think. Alex gave billy mckinney. I'm sorry who gave up the home. Greg was phil bickford. I think it was big for your good. We've goofed on bickford. He's been great. He's actually been really good. Vesey has been really good. No the bullpen has been really really solid. I'm disappointed that they went with this particular line. Well look at it. The pitching the pitching. Today's been great. They've only given up two runs but they're down to their last three outs. And they've only scored once they didn't score last night and lost. They looked like they were gonna come back late while you and i were doing our fantasy football draft and the cardinals got out of that and i. I don't know it seems like now the giants are to up right. Got to up now. If we don't win we'll be two and a half back and do they play to the giants play. Answer off today okay so you don't play chicago and there's only like twenty games left you don't wanna be messing around with three four game deficits with fifteen games to go. Yeah that's why this lineup. I don't i don't get it. I mean i don't know if that's friedman. I don't know if that's dave roberts but that is crap lineup. I cannot believe they went with that. I understand it's getaway day and all that stuff but these games are critical right now Every single game is a game. You need to catch the giants and the giants are playing great baseball right now. So i don't get greg birdman. Do you understand no. I don't get it at all. It's it's absolute garbage and what happened. Today was cody. Bellinger comes up with the bases-loaded because he's batting fifth. And what does he do. He pops up the is batting one fifty nine so right now. Who is off today. Would chris taylor taylor's off. Will smith yet. Will smith off the will smith thing day game after a night game. But i don't you're right. I don't know why you would devalue a regular season game. I'm sure after the game. Dave roberts is going to say some so. Wait a minute bets. Muncie both turner's and earners okay. So pollick is unavailable right. Yup correct seger is the one guy you would've liked to have seen in their off today. So seger will smith and chris taylor of the guys that are off which is insane to sit three guys like that in a game this late in the how do you. How do you sit three guys of that caliber at this point in the season like you're saying john and also i just none of it makes sense. You're putting guys in your down. You're down in. The land of your offense has struggled struggled hard and this is what you put out there and you know this. Is you know. We can put us on dave roberts but let's face it. There is a lot of andrew. Friedman fingerprints on this particular thing right and by the way that's the way they've always done it and they've division. Titles it's tough to criticize guys. They win the division every year. They weren't down if they lose it this year and they still get the wildcard. they just got navigate. That one game playoff. Which is when they're gonna pitch max scherzer and make you guys look like idiots. Well i tell you. I don't wanna face the padres because they're gonna come with blake's now. The reg are gonna come with wade miley. Who's got a six point. one wins above replacement. That's your phillies scout. zack wheeler. Who's been just a machine this year so no matter who you get in that wildcard game. You're going to face a very very good pitcher and that's what's scary about. Being in the wildcard let everybody know lie of the day today. it is my lie. At some point. I will tell ally and if you can figure out what it is in. Call it three thirty. You will win tickets to be at the world's greatest stadium sunday night rams versus bears sunday night football again. Be listening all show long and listen for my lie and then at three thirty you get a chance to win. I was golfing today and some guy yelled at me across the golf course. What was the lie. I want the bears tickets. So it's catching on. Yeah yeah so yeah john. Did you decide on a goal format. What are we gonna do. Well did you read morales. email. It's so complicated. Either we keep strokeplay or we go to matchplay. We're gonna we're gonna kinda combination to make it simple and give you the best chance to keep it competitive. Here's what we're going to do. You get three strokes on every hole and it's matchplay so for example. The first hole is a par four. Yes i get a five and you get a seven you win if you get an eight utai if you get nine or worse you lose. That's if i get a five now. If i get a four then it drops out so you basically have to stay within three shots of me and this includes your advantages are going to be on the par threes and your harder holes are going to be on the par-five yes. I'm i'm all for by the way but a lot of ways it. Nobody can win in the first two holes like after five holes. It'll still. Nobody will have one right. Because i will blow up on a whole i will absolutely this gives you the now. I made immediate decision. Today i enjoyed. There's ireland out there practicing today. Yeah i was terrible. If i play today the way tomorrow the way i played today. I'm gonna put another ten krant on you. I think i'm in your head in your head man. I'm living in your head by the way a lot of people on twitter. Think i'm sandbagging am. I know i am i. You've practiced a lot. And i have worked a lot. I think that you don't know how many strokes twenty-seven is bergman explained to mason that would be playing eighteen fifty four strokes. I've never heard of a match. World guy gets twenty seven strokes twenty. Seven strokes is a lot. Like i work. Okay so say for example. I played the par-three on saturday a rancho park. Yeah do you have that. Scorecard i do. Okay do you have in front of you know i do not. I shot fifty. I shot fifty nine bridge so you averaged a little more than five a whole. But i had an eight. I hit a six on one hole. You would lose. You'd probably lose those two. But did you have any force. Yeah i had a couple of bogeys in their bogies. Would those you would win. So i think that's going to be closer than you think. I think you have an excellent chance. Excellent what. I'm actually worried about okay. It's seven thirty in the morning. Which is late for me. But it's extremely early for you. So are you going out there tonight. No i'm not in fact. I decided the best thing. I could do what i'm not going out there tonight. I mean i'm going out there tonight late but the best thing i could do was to get him sasha tonight so i'm getting a massage while i avoid rush-hour traffic then i'll drive out to your belinda. Were all standard a cheap hotel that i had to pay for. Yeah the the one over by the way of attention all. Pt's trainers. i have a. i don't know if you've ever done this for. I have a calf muscle. My right calf muscle is it hasn't popped but it's super tight ready to pop pop on marcus. I'm going on that gulf trip to north carolina. So i need some caf- stretches tonight or a calf tight. Caf regimen a shadow to kelvin gamble. Who is the one trainer. I know that listens to the show kelvin. calf stretches tonight or else. I'm in big trouble tomorrow. But it'll be fun. I so i made a. I made a tactical decision. I hired travis to be my caddie. Oh nice because travis has beat me like a drum on that course he knows it. Well now i may have made one mistake though..

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