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To the next round. They beat Nashville for three in overtime. For a four to Syria's win Montreal beating the Toronto Maple Leafs for three to force a game six. Back in that series. A two on Oh, Nick Suzuki scores at 59 seconds into overtime period assisted Cole Caufield did too on Oh, And that's how that game ended. So back to Montreal four Game six. The Julio Jones saga continues waiting to find out if he's got any landing spots. There's a report from Dina receiving that. The belief is that trade could happen sometime this week. There's also report that the Falcons have a deal that includes a future first round pick, so Julio Jones could be on the move with that. MBA. Milwaukee Blows out Miami won 13 84 43 Oh seriously lead Lakers up two games to one of the Sons after a win Denver leading Portland two games to one after a 1 22 1 15 when Nick's and Talks back to it tonight seven o'clock. Is a series shifts to Atlanta at W. G r 5 50 calm. Of course you can keep up with bills. Oh, Tias, and how things rolling along and breaking Has Ah NIU. Prospect profile is well. Luke Hughes, this time around and central scouting has released its final 2021 ranking. So we will no doubt dig into that as we approach the sabers, picking either. 1st 2nd. Or third, those your sports headlines brought you by shadowed by paddock, Chevrolet. Next update on the paddock Chevrolet. Sorry with you with the extra mile Next up there in the white top the hour. I think the Bears are really desperate because that one season what they Super Bowl trip. I think that goes a long.

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