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And florishing downtown there are a lot of reasons it sounds like a kind of like a malefemale thing instead of a city and a and a possible new employer when we started really thinking about what our future would look like memorized it would probably never worked out between us okay you want fifteen thousand employees for your new campus and we have a sizeable resources for workforce but we concentrate them here it would be a bomber so growth is a bad thing i guess i i don't know i don't know i frankly i'd like fifty thousand new employs in in little rock but call me crazy are black of traffic of getting around would be code leuprecht in we can't sacrifice them for you uh with all the new taxes 50000 new employs would be paying maybe we could build new roads and improve and widen some existing ones i don't know just just spitballs here want onsite mass transit in its cob here there are many transit options have been our city perfectly and thanks are compounds urban from many of our residents can easily get his office i'm ana by guard despite quick ties okay that's one thing i agree with low rogge on the mass transit thing is yeah that that that that's that's not too good it would be cool if we can offer you that we simply can't do then just okay i got amazon was on you have so much going and you'll find what you're looking for but the ship just on us the bittersweet tone of voice there's just like your breaking up with somebody it's just weird.

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