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Audience. The broader world is is well acquainted with around privacy around security around identity or the three pillars of the tech policy world <hes> with climate change you know overarching existential issue corruption pay fair bit attention to but the thing that is deeply troubling to me right now is <hes> because if I think maybe the political moment because I've been in D._C.. Because I focused so much upon the broader hurt space of open government for so many years now <hes> that's difficult to see and if we're unable to find a way to make progress on that across all the different stakeholders involved you know from government legislators legislators regulators different officials judges to the media you know and it's very heterogeneous. There's no the meteorite there's all these different stakeholders to that technology companies <hes> to different parts of civil society from libraries schools the universities to ourselves as information craters consumers distributors. I think we're GONNA have worse problems because I don't think the challenges are going to get less right and the wicked issues that have been there long before we have been this hyper connected are persistent and what gives me hope is that there are so many diverse approaches to this around the world and that will see I think <hes> some better ways that because of the bickering communication perhaps we can adapt and adopt across borders across states etc but we'll see you know <hes> there's going to be more black swan events <hes> within our lifetimes <hes> after the big bump a couple years ago yeah definitely well it kind of sidetracked us from talking about your background but but you've been talking about it obliquely for the last minute or two as you described your passion for making sure or that the public has complete and accurate information about important areas so you started out in <hes> the late nineties getting involved in the in the Internet Industry Tree <hes> where'd you go from there <hes> I think I was kind of a classic member of my generation. I sort of X. Y.. Right on the cusp seeing the millennials start to come into college seen generate X. my older siblings on the other side <hes> and as a result I think I'm classic. I had a bunch of different jobs. I worked as a cook worked as a carpenter worked as a teacher at a bunch of different <hes> consulting contract work and in my twenties so all these different things <hes> it wasn't until the very end that I came to full time writing <hes> at a place called what is dot com one of the oldest <hes> I._T.. Information Sites on the Internet it was founded in the mid nineties. These <hes> were an engineering little thing IBM got tired of answering the same questions and basically put them together tonight he encyclopedia put it on the Internet and then a company called tech target acquired it and <hes> I I happen to <hes> find a interesting job listing of all places on craigslist and <hes> managed to get a associated ship <hes> there and quickly got drawn into the tech industry but from the enterprise I._T.. Perspective life which is a bit different than the consumer world but quickly my <hes> you know interest in and my job which is to try to see what was happening online that could be relevant to all the editors around me and to the audiences we had which were I._T.. Professionals <hes> you know what would make sense for engaging them of course back in two thousand six that was blogging that was the crest of the the web two O spaces..

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