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A lot of people are giving up on their new year's resolutions, but if this year you are sticking with your new year resolution to eat right, it's probably because of Bill Barr. It almost, it almost feels probably like a not a resolution because for people like me, I mean, I've kept my resolution, so I can't, I can't sit and my resolution was literally just to kind of keep doing the same. I go to the gym every day and I feel like now I'm flexing. But a big part of this is the bill bars. I mean, I enjoy eating these and it keeps off the sweet tooth I have while actually being pretty healthy for me. I don't know what your favorite Bill bar flavor is, but I'm gonna let you go because we probably have the same answer. I feel like mint chocolate. Nope, we don't have the same answer. All right, I love the cookies and cream. I love the cookies and cream, but I know they just sent us some puffs. Which are the first ever protein infused marshmallow, which I'm an absolute sucker for. This is a dream collaboration come true. They're fluffy, they're marshmallowy. They're not just a protein bar, they're a treat. And they're covered in a 100% real chocolate. All built bars are covered in a 100% real chocolate. Yes, puffs included. And again, 100% real chocolate. Bill bars are low calorie, high protein, they replace, you can replace your candy bar with these they are better. And they are definitely less calories. The typical candy bar can be anywhere from two to 300 calories as someone who used to eat many, many candy bars. I can assure you that the calorie intake is much lower from this. But go to dot com and scroll down to the macro chart, you'll be blown away. High protein, low calories, high fiber, low carbs, and bars contain a 130 calories, four grams of sugar, four net carbs, and 17 grams of protein. Compare that to a candy bar which usually has 240 calories, 30 grams of sugar, and dozens of net carbs, I feel more bloated, just reading this. But I built bar, they're all about taste, they make it delicious first and then figure out how to make it healthy..

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