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GonNa be like, wait you behold Bush. Yet I think I was always kinda like the mom and then like I had. This guy who is always the dad you know I never got to play with boys like that of the I played. One boy there. You're the MOM and dad. Yeah We're GONNA go kids mommy. Don't worry. Everything's okay. Behind Blizzard. Okay. So what was your first boss? Oh, okay, I worked at a movie theater. He was great because I was a really good employees. It's crazy 'cause when you're raised by a single mom at first and then I had my Stepdad come on when I was ten Assam struggle so much. It went from struggling to like she got rave like moved up in her job, and so then life changed, and then she got remarried and then we moved to the burbs and so see my mom struggle like made me a really hard worker and grateful for every opportunity 'cause I always knew this is not where I'm staying. So when I was like popping popcorn in the back as a concession girl I always like, do you WanNa large for quarter more you know like I always up sold my drawer material was always the right amount of cash and so I feel like, I'm a good employee like I worked at honeybaked ham sold a lot of Hams during seasonal. Kind tell you why you are not a good employee I can see it. So clearly, why because if you're like a mid level manager? And you're like, I'm pretty content with my life your. God. Yeah. Well, all right sales are up or people's into Laker. People. The fuck. My boss. You're just like sneaking up from behind. But as we should know, here's the thing I know I never wanted to be a manager there I'm like, no I'm here to just get my cash and go like I am going on the are to do to take. Like I don't want your job don't worry I was so focused on me and like what I wanted to do, that would turn the boat left. I'll take you took my visualization completely incorrectly I was like okay. So if I'm like a production company, let's say one hundred billion dollars and I wanted to offer you to income work for me or whatever they get some point eventually I would like to think I would be smart enough to recognize that you were taking over. Like. No No. Like at the best of ways I love that okay. Who has influenced your career the most it depends at what point my life. Okay. Can I give you age? Let's say like fifteen to seventeen. Oh, my God, it's like a weird mixture of like I was a girl who was like a latchkey kid but also had to play outside but also watch Donna Jackson Rhythm Nation VHS whatever she's doing i WanNa do I don't know what that is. I. Don't know how to get there. I'm a girl from Queens by way of long, island so. That, and then my mom to be honest in I know that's like the answer that probably everybody gives but look, she didn't understand this business at all. She's like I don't know what you're doing but you need a 401k and you need a real nine five and you need to work and you need consistent money and all that stuff but which she did teach me like to never give up on myself because she was doing it for so long by herself and like raising US five kids and. She just continued you. She marched on not only for us but for her you know and I just feel like if my mom did it with way less resources than I have in life, I owe it to myself too big for whatever I wanNA do take a wet age order are you I have two older sisters and then I have an older brother and then comes me and then I have a younger brother who's in his early thirties and then I have another little brother so I'm like in the middle I don't know too many like in the middle's but I know a lot of youngest like I am not middle always hold up the way to the world. Yeah. On both ends I believe that parents are middle's yeah. Do you have any siblings I have an older brother it just you you yeah and I love him love him for Ocean Sleep. But man, he was a big kid we had a contentious childhood but he's been on the podcast we've talked about are. Things. Okay what is the best or worst advice you've ever been given the best advice probably for my mom I remember coming out of this class in this is why I was already like a working actor, but somebody would like Oh. Maybe you should go take acting class everybody goes and takes it in named all these artists and stuff and I like I have the job in. Doing the work I don't know what you want me to do to elevate. So I was told to go take this class and it's one of those classes that like break you down in the bill you up. Oh, boy. Yeah. It makes you feel like you're not a good actor at all and so I walked out of class and I called my mom and I go. Back like should I be doing this? Like should I be acting? She goes first of all, you know. Keeping me throughout the bones meaning take the good things out of it. But like leave the stuff, you just don't need like you. You know what? I mean like who cares doesn't do anything for you. It doesn't contribute to you and not listening to everybody I love the idea of stop listening to everybody. I guess I don't know if there's a philosophy behind like young people should get prepared for a ton of rejection, which is sorta believe in that. But at the same time it, how are you supposed to gauge at all if you're good because I went through? A similar deal feels like you have to get used to the idea of rejection. Yeah. I mean I feel like you got to somehow have some kind of confidence. Know until you start booking job you don't know but then you also realize like sometimes booking a job it doesn't mean you're good. For anybody like there are a ton of people who are book a lot of jobs in new are super famous and I'm like I don't know how I don't know her grass you did it. 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