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Ah. Let's start off with sack. Oh back. Kevin Magnussen, he's back. He's not telling anyone anything about his sack, which is good, not yet? No, no, well, Nico hulkenberg's not here. So he doesn't really have anyone to fight with. This is like this is like a wholesome Magnussen that was saying. We used to sort of the bad boy, big grumpy sort of magnitude of old, but in this rejuvenated spirit. It's just like we're Nico hulkenberg. First came back, he's sort of COVID induced returns by various drivers, being pulling on well. He was in a cafe somewhere in Germany and what Obama, and then all my stuff now said, oh, do you want to come back and do a rice this weekend? You've got 240 kilometers an hour, dangerous thing on the road. That's it. I think back this one was on some kind of fjord. Cultural appropriation anyway. He was on the Thomas the tank engine and he. Got off it when I got to come back to do what I what I know and love and sort of accepted the deal and then had to give my favorite one of my favorite sayings in life is if you give this never permission because you obviously had a deal with Persia to race at Le Mans, I think in the world endurance championship, you had some other commitments going on and you had to get out of all of those deals because he thought he was genuinely finished with Formula One the chapter was closed. The exhibit was closed. He was never going to really come back. He wasn't going to have, he wasn't really on anyone's radar as a reserve driver or even sort of a super sub, like you holcomb works. He just moved on with his life. And lo and behold, it's, I love moments like that where something you just don't expect it anymore, but all of a sudden he's got a multiyear deal. This is not just like for a few races. Fittipaldi walks in. This is going to be he's right for the next couple of years. So of course, you'd tell Persia to say hey, I'll drop off the two double O 8 at the front desk. I'll give it a vacuum at four, 'cause I feel bad. Very kind of it. But he's chosen to go back into a Haas, which for them. Not the not the worst pick for them. No, no, not at all. The other driver was with Chip Ganassi, I think. Can you imagine telling someone like cheap Ganassi? Do you want to break the contract? Well, the other driver was with, he's on the sanctions list. That one. But to emphasize how interesting it is he came back. Only one month earlier, not even a month earlier, maybe we're about a month earlier, he told Chris Midland at racer magazine. There's no way I'll ever come to JF one if I can't win races. You're not in a winning car. I will never come back. I think the quote was, I'm not coming back with the midfield team, which people have pointed out. It's technically technically correct. But I assumed when he said that, he ran midfield a lot. Presumably. Maybe he really likes being at the very back of the grid. I'm having flashbacks to the whole, not all cars. One of those any midfield cars. Yes, not all. Sure does not mean yes. Same contracts lawyer that they got to write that one. So yeah, but it is great. Like you touched on it as well. There's something very homely about his return because everyone everywhere except for on the sanctions list seems very happy about this outcome. And a long time listening to the box of neutrals will perhaps know that you're a hypocrite rob James because he keeps saying how much you want to generational clade out of your icons and thinking well actually we had money with that. Yet another reprieve you can't knock him down. Yes. Can't say no. But no, we've got Magnussen. And yeah, there's plenty of formula two drivers say on the market. There was that early sort of rumor that Oscar piastre should have been in the FrontRunner talk about even when we were later. And yeah, there's plenty of F two drivers, but you have to say, given the situation that has to read, where they still have a rookie driver and make shoe back. Yeah, he's done the season under his belt. I'm gonna pull it half a season of lost. He was like. At half a driver to sort of laid off. And yeah, they need a grounded kind of driver that knows the team knows FY knows how to, you know, obviously the change in regulations. It's a bit of a race for everybody, but a steady hand at the till. I think is the best interest for us given what they are going through. So it's a win win. And I think he left on good terms. It's a great lesson for never burning your bridges. Yeah. Absolutely. These are really great less than that because he understood when he got sacked that they wanted to keep him, but couldn't afford it. He needed the rubles. Yes. And everyone's very happy to see him back. Multi agreement as you said, which is really good because, I think, you know, they've obviously canceled their contract with the sponsor. We can't mention we could, but we just don't want to. But it's a but the money is being put back in, they're going to, you know, presumably find other sponsorship, but Jean Haas crucially seems committed again, because they were used there. The last couple of years where it really seems like they got the shit. You just want to be around. You crack the shit. You crack this shit. But the fact that he signed Magnussen up, presumably paying him. Multiyear agreement, they know that they got to deal with the sponsorship now. The other driver, let's not forget his Mick Schumacher, F two champion, and also a Schumacher. Like regardless of how guilty ultimately is, that's a great name to have in your car. It feels like we might be approaching another great period of time, not necessarily this year, but maybe next year, in the harsh timeline. And it chase everyone out, like, surely the mechanics would also be thrilled to have sort of familiar face with them, obviously, one that I think they get along with. So it's just a rejuvenation for everybody involved because it's like, well, hang on a sec. This time, if because it's someone said, it was almost quite shrewd in terms of if you think about how they went about it. They took the let's face the money route last year with the funds. And obviously it was the end of that generation of car. So why bother spending money on that one when we could just spend all of the money onto next season because in fact they're in what was going to happen. And I thought, well, let's just spend the money try to build as best of a car as we can with the money that we have. Now you've removed the driver that was bringing the money. Yes. They bringing in someone who you're paying to play, I presuming, and who's a great driver in his own right. Now you have a car that may, in the right hands, maybe half decent for them. So and again, this is a team that we've seen before and he's gone by, where they've turned up to the first race in the sport points. Straight away. So it's familiar territory for them. So they could do something like that. And the regs are so weird that it might end up being best of the midfield. Don't knock that. I'll say any ridiculous next week, maybe. We genuinely do not know where everyone sits a Mercedes telling the truth. Probably, but probably not as well. Yeah, yes, it's going to be interesting. We'll talk about pre season testing in a minute. Let us talk about our Oscar PS3 there. You mentioned he was extremely briefly in the frame. And by in the frame, I mean someone suggested he could go there because he doesn't have a drive and they didn't have a driver. It's about as the extent of it because even good the Steiner said the only cold one person was Kevin Magnussen directly. Yes. And then Kevin said, yes, and that was the end of the story. So there was no Oscar pierce involvement. What happened since though, which I think is the Steiner way of going about business, which I respect. Yeah, hard hacking. Look, he's a great man. Beautiful man..

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