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You'll have an O three on WTO on a cloudy Tuesday, it's November 29. 45° now, as we head to the 50s. Good morning, I'm more glow less. And I'm John doman with the top local stories we're following the sour. It takes us to Frederick county, Maryland, where it's being called a horrific crime scene. A man killed by deputies there after they say he stabbed his own parents. Our investigators and crime scene technicians from the Maryland state police owned seeing currently gathering evidence. A man in Frederick is accused of stabbing his parents, killing his father and injuring his mother, the Frederick county sheriff's office says when deputies approached the man, he was armed and deputies shot and killed him. No details about what led to the shooting have been released just yet. We do know that some portion of this incident was captured on body cam. As Thomas Lester, with the Maryland attorney general's office, which is now investigating the actions of the deputies. The involved deputies will be identified within 48 hours. Nick and Ellie, WTO P news. Ian Montgomery village investigators are still looking into what caused Sunday Night's crash of a small plane into a power transmission tower. Now we're hearing the surprisingly calm 9-1-1 calls involving the 66 year old pilot of that plane. Pilot Patrick Merkel telephoned Montgomery county 9-1-1 to say he'd flown into a tower. Believe it or not, the aircraft is ten in the tower. The pilot feared the plane could slip free from the tower's grasp and fall to earth. And have absolutely nothing to protect us going down. Passenger Janet Williams pleaded for a swift rescue and the 9-1-1 call taker offered encouraging words. They're moving as fast as they can. They're going to get up to you guys. Emergency personnel checked with the crash victims by phone every 30 minutes. Particularly on a WTO news. One of the two people on board that plane was released from the hospital yesterday, the other remains hospitalized today. Gasoline prices continue to fall around this region, according to triple-A this week's price dropped the steepest decrease in four months. You haven't really seen the sharp price decreases that are in the offing. They're coming. And they're coming very, very soon. Tom closer is global head of energy analysis for the oil price information service, he tells WTO P, a lot of it has to do with what's going on in the world's second largest oil consuming country. The notion that China could remain on COVID restriction or zero COVID policies through perhaps even the first quarter is really hurt the price of crude oil. Michelle bash WTO news. It must win game of the World Cup today for the U.S. after draws against England and Wales. The U.S. men's national team needs to beat Iran to secure a spot in the knockout rounds. Iran can advance to the next stage with just a tie in today's match. Here in this region, there are plenty of places you can watch the match which begins at 2 o'clock. It includes the brightness at the wharf in D.C.. They've got special food and drink deals going. You can also get in on the action alongside U.S. soccer's biggest fans, a fan group, the American outlaws, their official bar, is ASTRO beer hall on G street northwest. If you want to watch there, it is suggested that you arrive early. I'm just going to get out of here early and head over there if that's cool by you. All right. Coming up after traffic and weather. Are those county plans to notify parents if explicit materials in class I'm Neil all can stain. It's coming up on 1107. What's the

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