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Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Coliseum discussed on WSJ What's News



The Los Angeles Rams are headed to the Super Bowl in Atlanta on Sunday for the first time since two thousand two but the team is still struggling to attract a local television audience joining us now via Skype from Los Angeles is Wall Street Journal. Reporter Joe Flint, Joe, as you note, the Rams have had an impressive run up to the big game on Sunday. But that still doesn't seem to be drumming up a TV audience locally. What were you able to find in terms of the recent ratings, and what can you tell us about some of the reasons why? Well, the Rams moved here three years ago from Saint Louis, of course, they had been in Los Angeles for many decades up until the mid nineties. Yeah. There's interest in the team and their numbers are growing, but compared to other football markets the Rams are far behind in the ratings and last two weeks ago when the Rams were playing to get into the Super Bowl, and they were playing the saints the biggest game in the franchise's. Yeah. In three decades, and it. Ended up losing in the ratings to the patriots chiefs game. And then I just thought that was very tally that the Rams don't have a long way to go to get Angelinos behind them. It's a tough market for a lot of reasons why it's really a Lakers and dodgers town versed inform os and to the Rams when they left there wasn't a lot of goodwill, and they have to win that back and three. Yeah. The cliche of Los Angeles. But there's a lot here to do instead of sitting in front of the television. So I think those are all factors here having said that the other thing as readers point out to me that oh wealth the raiders moved to Los Angeles. Instead, there'd be big crowds. And there may be something to that. They still show rate or games here. And in many ways LA is still kind of raider town after all these years jello. Can you tell us about Rams viewership? The first time they were in Los Angeles before they moved to Saint Louis and also how that compares to their viewership. Now since they've been back in. Los Angeles since twenty sixteen well, two things one the the ratings for the Rams in Saint Louis prior to moving to L A were much stronger than they are in Los Angeles right now. I I wasn't able to go back. And I'm not sure how fair comparison. It would be to how the Rams are doing now versus what they were doing in this yet in the eighties and mid-nineties, but one of the challenges were still there then the Rams play at the Los Angeles Coliseum now. And that's where they played in the in the seventies and eighties in a lot of the games were blacked out because they couldn't sell out the Coliseum, and that was why in nineteen eighty the Rams move south down to Anaheim. Which is you know, still the Los Angeles market, but it's thirty miles away from downtown Los Angeles, and there they were able to fill a much smaller stadium. But at the same time out of sight out of mine when that was sort of the first step of Los Angeles disconnecting. The Rams when they left the Coliseum in Los Angeles. Proper and moved way down into Orange County. So what do you think we can expect on Sunday during the Super Bowl and going forward thereafter? Well, the good thing is that Los Angeles is a huge market. So even though the patriots eagles bears lions pretty much now. The majority of NFL teams have a higher percentage of viewers watching their team versus what LA is doing. The Rams the fact that there's so many more people here the actual number of viewers in real people is a decent number. I mean a little complex but New England thirty five percent of the New England TV audience is watching the patriots and that on whereas ten percent of L A is but Los Angeles is so much bigger that in translation to real numbers that ten percent..

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Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Coliseum discussed on WSJ What's News

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