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That whoever's advising him Whoever you know, in his ear saying like a man. Just keep doing this. You're doing okay? I can't imagine that he actually thinks that that's good advice. He says things come out on a daily basis. We've talked about this numerous times. We've documented his silence like There are times where you could be quiet on that, and that's fine. And that's a smart strategy. But Your character gets called into question and every single report about you. 234 times a week for two months. He was going to sit on your hands and shrug your shoulders. Comes off. Something's off like something's different, and I know for a while was well like he's gonna get traded. So that's why he's staying quiet. Just want to open up, but I mean, if I were the Bears about Alan Robinson, who's looking for a trade And Ryan Pace comes, he says, Hey, you know what? Stick around. We just got Carson Wentz. I said the guy that didn't want to come here. The guy that that through his teammates under the bus. If I just coach get fired. It's still said he didn't want to come here. I'd say No, thanks. No Look, We're at the point now with this Carson Wentz saga where If you I don't understand the people that don't see this like that. It's almost like I'm looking at something, and it's clear as day and then like not everyone sees that this is a selfish football player. Is selfish on the field, and he's selfish in this, and so what Tucker just said, is absolutely true. This didn't have to end like this. No one here had to be upset A Carson once. It's very easy for us to say, fire, how we how he's a moron. The Eagles messed all this up. I think that is like the reflex and the easy thing to do because we could come together on that point out. All of the mistakes eagles have made. It's very easy. But like we didn't have to have a point where we got her upset it cars to once, But I am upset at this. The idea this could be done already. But Carson Wentz may not want to go to Chicago. Like, Who are you to dictate this? You're not You're absolutely not like put on your big boy pants and get to the place They trade you like that's that's what I would say if I was Howie Roseman and that guy say that to him, he's gonna try to be pros and work with them. This guy has gone from. I mean, in the beginning of the 2017 season, when Carson what's got off to that start an eagle's got after that start, and he was the presumptive N V. P the league we were talking about a guy Eagles quarterback playing it at the top of the NFL. That's a combination. It's such a young age to end up is one of the most popular players to ever Donna Jersey in this city, and I will now remember this guy as he leaves whenever that day is as a villain as someone who was not leader who was not coachable who is not accountable, who played like crap at the end of his tenure and made it difficult after asking for a trade. Like I mean, how many times can you can you do it works like what are we doing here? How many times could we do something? It's like that's that's that behavior of the star players that behavior of a of a Philadelphia icon. It's the opposite to 1559 to 94 94. Let's go to Kyle's and Roxburgh. What's up, Kyle? Hey, Joe. How's it going? Good. Kyle, what's on your mind? So, uh, I mean, for the longest time, I've been a Carson Wentz Apologist, I guess is the term I would use at this point. I was, you know, along the lines of, uh well, he's not wrong. He's not getting rolled out. He doesn't have the weapons, but You know, the more you look at it, the more you're just going to see that. He's been the bad guy, whether it's been play or lack of leadership, or whatever for this whole time, and the reason I fell in love with him. Ironically, enough was I was at his rookie year preseason game against the Jets. He rolled out and he threw the ball away, which was absolutely hilarious..

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