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Things. Very heavy back field. Turtle. You're also having nor seventy-one between Dana Montgomery and red Bank road. I'm rob Williams News Radio seven hundred wwl w tonight. Now's the ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl tonight, it's rain storms are possible. We do have a flash flood watch out until eight o'clock lows in the upper sixties now for Tuesday, it's rain, heavy at times. We could see some storms highs in the upper seventies looking ahead. More rain Wednesday and Thursday Friday looks dry from your severe weather station of nine I warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh News Radio seven hundred wwl w radar showing some rain activity in portions of our counties in southeast Indiana. Some heavier activity in the areas of connersville liberty also blooming grove out in Indiana. Also, we are seeing some rain that is moving through portions of northeast Butler county and moving off to the northeast a little bit of a line of heavier rainfall right now other areas seen either a mostly cloudy to cloudy sky. Our temperature right now. Seventy nine degrees news, a service of Kerry automotive dot com. Cincinnati police say that a city worker was killed after being electrocuted while working in a bucket truck this afternoon in the forty eight hundred flock of Hawaiian Terrassa mount airy police, captain, David says the victims families yet to be notified that worker only been identified to the public as eight black male. They say he was working alone, and it is unclear what kind of work was being performed before. He was fatally electrocuted, a former gym teacher in the spring borough school district is facing three dozen charges of gross sexual imposition after inappropriately touching t twenty eight girls who were in the first grade. John Hopkins taught at clear creek elementary school in spring, bro intermediate, and he was only in his first year Warren county prosecutor David foreign shell on where the alleged incidents happen. They all took place inside the gymnasium area. The ones that we were able, obviously to present.

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