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News on ninety two three of them and streaming live on the G. T. A. R. news after with us this winter more than half of US states will have a high school wrestling tournament for girls either unofficial wanna pilot tester even one run by a coaches association as this weekend's Jennifer to shank I found out girls wrestling is now more popular than high school gymnastics high school wrestling was fading but then came the girls as Rachel Bachmann of the Wall Street journal tells us a rise in girls state tournaments has driven participation of wrestling which is now more popular than high school gymnastics Rachel what is changed here well I think the key move was more states starting to add state tournament separate state tournaments for girls wrestling and what this did was essentially signal to girls that they could wrestle against other girls instead of having to wrestle against boys which is what they've been doing for decades at the high school level if they wanted to wrestle when there weren't girls tournaments how many girls were wrestling and how did that work against the boys you know for for years there really were just a few thousand nationwide and and sometimes less than that you know it maybe a handful in each state and you know generally at the lower weight classes girls could often hold their own but of course as you get older and bigger boys and the bigger than girls and this to die was go over well for the girls so and you know even the strength issue aside you know it's awkward when you're a teenager to to wrestle kids boys if your girl I mean that there'd be a lot of people I talked to said there's just no getting around that and so a lot of girls is really weren't interested in doing that and so having separate girls state tournaments and an increasingly separate girls teams really spurred more participation ritual your your story talks about the number of wrestlers going down for boys any reason why you know this is really a larger trend across high school sports the their participation numbers ruler leveling off and I think there it's a complicated question for you know for all kinds of reasons there are some sports that are increasing like lacrosse and some cases soccer and that's because in some cases boys are leaving football or other sports that are perceived to be more dangerous so some of it is shifting but generally speaking you know some kids are doing other things or maybe playing video games not going out for sports for some kids sports as much of the high school level are prohibitively expensive so it's a complicated question I think wrestling with sort of caught up in those larger nation wide trends and it wasn't a plummet it was just sort of a a gradual sort of diminishment over time of participation we're speaking with Rachel box into the Wall Street journal Rachel let's get back to the the girl side of things who is behind the push and what states have done well in promoting girls wrestling well that's that's a great question a couple of groups one is one called Russell like a girl and they've done a lot of work and trying to push states to adopt state tournaments and also use a wrestling which you know has has some I has advocated for girls but maybe not as strongly in the in the past as it is now I'm now I think it sees the huge potential for girls to add to the sport and and really I think these girls and women as a big part of its future and as to enter the states you know Hawaii in Texas where the first states to have a separate state tournaments for girls wrestling and also they really were the pioneers in this and other states have come more recently as I as I write in the game is for Missouri just as a term for girls last year and saw this huge jump and participation wanted dead so the states that are are kind of making the leap and and hoping that the girls will follow in many cases are fine if that's true it is this weekend's Jennifer can shrink with Wall Street journal sports reporter Rachel Bachman it is thirty minutes now after the hour on this weekend seventy two sold.

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