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Bank ask about their momentous money Market Sunflowers, a full service financial partner that's been helping clients reach their financial ambitions for generations. Visit sunflower bank dot com to learn more Or stop by and see them at your convenience. Be sure to ask about other offers to and tell them that April sent you some flour bank member F D I C wherever your day takes you. Colorado's morning news is the place to start. Yeah, I wake up of a Berlin Marty and we keep going back to K away during the day we days five till nine on Kayla news radio. K o a news radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM. Oh you, darling, You send me honesty. Onishi Onishi, You thrill me You owe me Darling. You real me. Honest. You do that first. I thought it was him Graduation. It's lasted. So now I find myself wanting to marry you and take you home. Send me e. I know you. Send me you send me honest. This is coast to coast. A M. With George Noory up next. The gift of the body. Jonathan Goldman joins us. We're going to talk about energy healing Next on coast to coast Am You've been lied to lied to by corrupt Washington politicians in the Wall Street propaganda machine. Hi, I'm Inc magazine Best selling author Brett Kitchen and I want.

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