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Says I'm more than happy to go in and testify again. And this business about the previous administration did not properly notify the Trump campaign. Brennan responded and said rodents is wrong that the Trump administration is the one who neglected to recognize the Russian threats one is that the less ministration put out and it tells me assessment and tried to be as comprehensive and as transparent as possible. But what the Russians were doing could we in fact reveal all of our knowledge during the period of time leading up to the election, which we could expose our sources and methods and are Billy to monitor what the Russians were doing. So we had a delicate balance here, but before the abomination left office, we put out everything that we could. And unfortunately, this ministration Donald Trump refuses to continue to acknowledge what the Russians did and to take steps to prevent them from doing the future. And I truly suspect that Donald Trump would not mind if the Russians interfered again, if it was going to advance his prospects for reelection. He. He hates Trump. He hates him so much. I I mean, Donald Trump is living in John Brennan head it really really is. But I'm going. Okay, Brennan, this is this is all good. So why don't you? Now come forward and say this is what they did. This is exactly what we could reveal to the Trump administration Trump campaign. They said they gave briefings to both the Clinton Hillary Clinton's campaign Donald Trump's campaign, but he says what we can only do so much and we had to be careful balance. It I I mean, I I think John Brennan has expressed such hatred for Donald Trump. I just think he is exceedingly biased. I really do. So I don't know where this is all gonna go. I don't know. So will we have another investigation? Do you want? Another investigation. Are you tired of investigations? But we will never know unless we do have another investigation. Just exactly what did the Obama administration? No, what did Clapper. What did Brennan? What did Susan Rice? What did they know? And what did they do? And the one thing we cannot have in this country believe we're all going to agree on this is we can't have the powers of our intelligence services trying to dictate who wins a presidential election trying to interfere in a presidential election trying to tip the scales in a presidential election. And when you look through the text messages, and there's more of them coming out from the FBI when you look through those and you see straw, talking about the insurance policy and everything else. You got look at that stuff and go, this doesn't seem this doesn't seem right? There's something else going on there. They were up to something. And if we have a corrupt FBI leadership at that time, I think we should know. The F B. Listen, I know the FBI is considered the premier law enforcement agency in the country. But we also know that they have had corruption all the way up to the director in its history. So yes, and the CIA. Has also had corruption. That have done all kinds of things to buy late the law. So and I told the other day about the government back in one thousand nine hundred seventeen started. I forget what they call the committee on can't remember the name. But it was it was to basically put out propaganda to the citizens to make them think. One particular line story was the way it was. So I I'm in favor. I really am of an investigation. I don't know if it has to be one of these drug out deals in front of congress, where it's basically theater, and we're supposed to have the inspector general report from the -partment of Justice is supposed to Horowitz. He's supposed to give us his report in about a month into may early June. And then you've got that other guy Hager, or who or Uber US attorney from Salt Lake City who Jeff Sessions put on the case to go. See what went on? But I I think the Obama administration would welcome. The investigation if they truly are innocent of trying to put their finger on the scale say come on in here and take a look 'cause we don't want to be accused of anything. And if there's nothing to find there's nothing to find I had the same attitude about the Muller investigation. I think they should be quietly investigating to find out. What exactly the Obama administration did particularly John Brennan because he hates Trump so much and Peter Struck hates Trump so much and it looked like they were abusing their power. So they would I would think one to go in there and make sure that there was a thorough investigation. So that you, and I could also be sure that the intelligence services law enforcement in our nation is not trying to decide who our next president is going to be. We talk about Russia, and how how we should be outraged about a foreign entity interfering in our boat of who is going to be our nation's leader. Well, I don't care if it's Russia or James Colmey or John Brennan or Susan Rice or James Clapper. I don't care who it is. They're all suspect to me. And I wish.

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