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Fashionably running around trying to get innocent people to absolutely not because that be crazy but if you like stories about doomsday cults that do exactly that and more than pleased on spotify visit spotify dot com slash last podcast to listen free. It was against this background that the FBI launched Operation Cracker. Jack's in on ninety four in a series of rides on major drug dealers. Money Launderers in the Miami area. The fades successfully smashed a distribution network. That had a turnover exceeding one hundred thousand dollars a week and they arrested in charge. Sixty-six criminals with a series of federal documents. It was in the mid nineties that the authorities finally began to get a handle on the sheer scale of the problem. The FBI took out a lot of local distributors with various operations including one cracker. Jack's and the big plays in Columbia targeted to most notably Pablo Escobar and. He was killed in a shootout with Colombian police in nineteen ninety-three as a homicide detective working in Miami. At that time Nelson Andrew was on the Front Line of Clinton's war against drugs and he comes through for us with some crucial information the redacted name of the informer prepare to tell all about the John Junior kidnapping plot. The information that came to us came from Brazil does last lover in California crosby or possibly I believe was his last name surname. We dispatched Andy. Tila to see what he could dig up on. This crosby will cosby dude. And what the connection between him and the South American cartel might be he reports back. Okay so the man we're after here is either Cold Charles. Crosby or Charles cosby depend on who you talk to him. But essentially it's the same guy who have you say discerning? Who's kind of mid-level Street drug dealer in Oakland in Fresno California in the nineteen eighties nothing spectacular but apparently he controlled a few crack houses and had a steady streaming from his activities making around forty thousand dollars a year. By the time he was twenty by all accounts he was also pretty charming a good looking kids and most of all very ambitious the documents show the original tip to the. Fbi came from California. So that makes sense. But what would this hustling street dealer from the West Coast has to do with a multi-million dollar Colombian cartel operating through Miami on the East Coast? Now this is where it gets really interesting. Charles apparently became obsessed with the woman who was arrested in Miami in nineteen eighty five. She was the head of a very powerful cartel and she was known as the Godmother of cocaine and I believe she's the one who came with the plot to kidnap JFK. Junior Andy's information chimes again with an all tip Berry Levin Hood but never published in the national enquirer. He tells us what he learned. This plot was from an obsessed Colombian Queen Pin would plan to snatch JFK junior off the streets in New York. The woman who was involved in this was Known in the Latin underworld as law Abu Stora. A term used for a type of man heating female who uses men to satisfy her sexual needs this fifty. Something woman who is head of one of Colombia's notorious all-female crime rates and a drug cartel was reported to have had six husbands all of whom apparently vanished without a trace within a year of her Mary. Each of them. Many of the drug deals that This woman was involved in were hatched from an island in the Caribbean Sea. They'll per plan apparently was to snatch John from a New York City Street. As he rode his bicycle he was gonna be heavily drugged and smuggled out of the US on Banana Bo. Interestingly her plan came with dire warning to our latkes that we're going to carry this out and that was don't harm a single hair on John's beautiful hat or it will be your funeral. Parallelly this plot to kidnap. Jfk junior this bizarre plot to kidnap. Jeff Kitchen Your. I should say sell through at the last minute because of protests from this woman's advisor and they were extremely concerned that the kidnap of JFK junior would bring a massive military response from Colombian armed forces and and basically exposing their a drug cartel money laundering schemes and other illegal activities of cocaine distribution and so forth and hurried visors warned her debt by kidnapping JFK. Jay was high profile men in the world that it would absolutely destroy their drug cartel so the plan apparently was called off Whether the FBI informed John of this plot is something. We'll never know because from what we know now. We do not know if he was told about this plot In the years when he was living. And if he had had he ever been sacked told his wife Carol set. But what's the connection? Between the Colombian Drug Queen and Air Californian whistleblower blower his both Andy Tillett Nelson Andrew. So this woman. The Colombian Queen Pin if he like her. Name's Zelda blanket. Charles cosby eventually trickle down. He finds out where she's being held in prison. He's basically infatuated with him and he started to write to the two of them formed relationship which but mid-nineties have progressed from being pen pals to something more physical and even it's been suggested she helped him step up his game to become a big time. West Coast drug dealer. I don't know how Brazelle data and Cosby. I flipped up but they became a lovers. I think they may have even gotten married. And because of Brasilia's wealth she had that prison All to herself practically I don't know Cosby told us that the guards would let them do practically anything. They even had Sexual relations while she was in prison. And that's that was brought to to light by cosby himself. I don't know if anybody is a prison. Whatever admit to shenanigans going on so eventually Zelda tide of being imprisoned and I guess with new charges being brought against comes over this plowed. Finally the pieces are coming together. Griselda BLANCO THE COLOMBIAN Drug Quyen Note. Also as the black widow or the cocaine godmother. She was arrested for series drugs in nineteen ninety five and was languishing in prison. Working through a long sentence. It's then that she hatches a plane to buy freedom with Jeff Keas the price who seek it out. They've figured kidnapped John F. K. Junior would be her tea out of prison. I think she was definitely seriously considering that because we had no idea that she would do something or try to do something that brazen in order to get out of prison there was talk that when they kidnap John F. Kennedy Junior. They really had no intentions of doing a swap for Zelda probably going to kidnap him and kill him and then see if she was able to get away but the exact details of what was going on and what their plans were. I depends also on who you talk to and what you read the documents because Noah's talk of both of actually doing a switch for killing him burying him and then pretending that they were gonNA release never would serious questions still remain and something's simply done at up. If how? Man Shells Cosby was the Informa- why would he do that? If he was obsessed with and possibly even married to Zelda blencoe why would he read at a plan to free the woman he loved? And what became of both Gra Zelda and Charles? We need to find the missing pieces to buy these characters next time on fatal voyage the Din of jive. Kaija my opinion. Why she was so rootless is she was a woman in a man's world and a man's business so she had to be even tougher than the other guys around her or they would've taken out of circulation the woman who wanted to kidnap him and sacked lake. Jfk junior her sex life was Priscilla Blanco who Spun Evil Web is dark as death itself and her interest was JFK. Juniors handsome looks obviously had a fixation an assassination on young John F Kennedy Junior.

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