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That's nine thirty am festival in the morning also listened to hours earlier to that seven thirty am they'll have to raise pale around of Yahoo sports formerly of the Kansas City Star you know that's a recipe is going to be all over this Patrick Mahomes Patel a situation INVESCO here's the one thing about it I mean pepe homes has become the most popular athlete that we've seen maybe in my lifetime and I'm forty six news opie and his look a day over thirty nine Pete Nickelodeon but the bottom line is he's the most talked about athlete in this town and for good reason he's given this town hope he's given the chiefs fans purpose of the chiefs fans were very loyal to this team they went for a huge drought there you know for they beat the Texans finally in the playoffs or guys that were like twenty two years old and in college we're alive since January sixteen thousand nine hundred ninety four when they beat the oilers the Houston oilers they went that far of a gap but yet people still went and Scott Bueller they wanted him out of here and instead of going they bought banners and they wanted to show the owner we need to change clerk was willing to go away from three time NFL executive the year that everybody thought would be the perfect GM and scope yolly they've invested people in this town could go to their dressers and they can get the red stuff out for Red Friday even though the team wasn't good with him anything angel to cheer for in the postseason but sports is about hope supports us about promise and pet mahomes brought that hope he brought me you're a championship city again and we got a taste of it with the royals and that was fun I mean people in this town were loving championships they didn't care about potholes didn't care about taxes they didn't care about any the eighties this is a football town other whales did change there for a while but but people put their hopes and dreams on the Kansas City chiefs it's what they talk about the gestation it's what they talk about is Jim they talk about this football team in they talk about Pat Mahomes in he was hurt tonight and you have these visions we could have been the superbowl people want the put on the red in good damn it bothers people like there's there's there's are super bowl chance that's laying down there on the grass Oregon State quarterback you know he's he's got one out serious here pet homes the MRI will be the number one subject in Kansas City not only that not only for Fox showing this game but Sunday night football next week that has the scrap maybe you know the whole you know the video of homes Rogers the Dole that we could have seen but this was a big hit tonight we can rally around the backup quarterback both not forget that our meal ticket was laying on the Turf.

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