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A combined announcement on this issue and it won't simply be about vaccines. Vaccines will be a part of it, but it will be a comprehensive plan to help end this pandemic as rapidly as cost 200 million doses. Would be delivered this year to the global vaccine program. Kovacs, another 300 million in early 2022 watchdog report says Park police did not clear Lafayette Park in nearby protesters last June. So former President Trump could walk to ST John's Church Inspector general of the interior, mark Green black, We did not find evidence that a potential presidential visit To the park or the Saint John's Church influenced the park Police's decision making or their deployment. You know, in their operation to clear out the park, the former president says The report exonerates him of any accusations. He ordered aggressive tactics to remove protesters. TC energy has terminated the Keystone XL pipeline project. President Biden pulled the permit earlier this year over environmental concerns. You're listening to ABC News Arizona's news station, You station Katya, our on Air 92 3 FM online at K t a r dot com and streaming Live on the K to our new Zap. You're breaking news and traffic Now it is 32. I'm Becky Lin. Here's our top story. Can the Suns capitalize on a big game one victory over the Nuggets? Okay to ours. Peter Seymour is live again outside of Phoenix Suns Arena with a little preview of game number two. Well. Becky Denver Center Nikola Yokich is also riding high after he was just named the league's MVP. He finished game one with 22 points. But the voice of the Sun's al McCoy tells our Mike broom head. The sons will bring their great chemistry back to game number two. They like one another. They like being around one another. They like playing the game together, and I think that's the personality of the Suns team. This year, Phoenix had four players with 20 or more points in the first game. The Sun's defensive adjustments paid off in the second half of that first game when they ran away with the victory. Tip off is at 6 30 Live outside Phoenix Suns Arena. Peter Seymour Katie Air News. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Department is taking a look back at the racial disparities in 2020 traffic stops. Zoe Thorkelson with a third party research center that compiled this report says the most obvious disparities are between white and Hispanic drivers. For citations. We see that the numbers have actually been increasing over time. This is something that the sheriff's office is very concerned about. They will be implementing a quarterly report to investigate this in more detail. In a statement, Sheriff Paul Pins own acknowledged his concern over the disparities and emphasized his intent to continue to reduce and eliminate Rachel racial bias in his department. The state Legislature tomorrow resumes the debate over the state budget. Katya ours, Griselda Zetina joins us now live with a preview. Most Republicans backed the proposed $12.8 billion state budget. But a few like state Senator Kelly Townsend, do not her biggest concern. There is language either that happens before the budget or in the budget, but not after that deals with the election security. Meanwhile, Democrats opposed the state budget mainly because Of the massive income tax cut. It includes lawmakers have until June 30th to pass a state budget reporting live. I'm Griselda Schettino, Katya our news. Let's get a look at the roads with Larry Lewis in the Valley Chevy Dealers, Traffic.

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