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Only problem is mahomes is now putting up the numbers he put up last year but he's basically the same guy I feel like we've all collectively forgotten the Beatles movie yesterday right. We all woke up and I feel like I'm the only person who remember how good Patrick Mahomes. We're not talking about Lamar Jackson. And I've said this before. I liked more but if you said next ten years who's the quarterback unlike mahomes gonNA run the League. Yeah he's an unbelievable all time transformational talent without a doubt and for all of the things. Lamar dose the hardest thing to defend in the history of the. NFL is a perfectly nobody thrown. Pass Patrick mahomes perfect passes. And that's why I think okay. Justin Reed is a really good player. Back there for the Texans. They're actually pretty good against the deep ball all but I think they just have too many weapons in Kansas City. Then Travis Kelsey mobile to pick them apart I. I don't see this as as anything more than maybe a temple in game. All right finally seahawks packers. There's Seattle I it's it's you know. Listen if you listen to this show I think in my lifetime. Russell Wilson's the most underappreciated college or pro player. I've ever pursing people forget. He went to conservative. Wisconsin completed seventy three percent of his throws thirty three touchdowns four picks but because he was an inch too short. Were not gonNA take him people. I think Lamar was under drafted literally. All Russell. Wilson did in college. At the most conservative offense was create a firework show. I give Seattle kind of a shot cause of Russell. Du In this game. I actually think that the Seltzer when very very close now the packers. I synchro better team than we give them credit for I saw some stats through the worst one of the worst thirteen and three teams in history. They are that. That's a nice problem to have. I'd rather be one of the worst thirteen and three teams history. Then one of the best nine seventeen so listen. The packers done a nice team building jobs area. Smith's one of the best players on defensive get he was at a really good price. Really really good price. Could you imagine if he's still on the Ravens. How good that team would be my guy but he leads the NFL unpressurised right now and I think that they've done a nice job again? Building around it really expensive quarterback and figuring agreeing on what they needed to do in free agency is basically as good as you can do when you're paying quarterback that much however I think Russell Wilson is one of the two three three best quarterbacks football I'd actually say it's right. Now it's Lamar Wilson and Mahal built and told me last week he said it's the best football player in the world. Yep It's not crazy and he can make plays and now decay metcalf breaking the rookie record for for receiving yards last week. I mean do you can make a good example but smart teams do the dump teams. Don't they looked at Deakin. Mecca of what can you do. Not What can't you do okay. Couldn't run incredible routes. Three cone was down. It couldn't change direction. Well what can he do. He can run really fast and catch passes passes score touchdowns and that the didn't over think it now. They've got a connection there. I don't you know. Obviously they're running games now. needs to be marshawn lynch knock wannabes Brockovich. The Guy He replaced were injured. But I think this comes down to the last. You should not have sustainable close games and win. That's not supposed to happen. You're supposed to go to fifty fifty or whatever that's right but the seahawks have made it work. They understand how to play and close games. I think they win this game. They're almost like the BIZARRO chargers. Right everything comes down to the end but instead of the chargers who screw it up the seahawks make it work. I liked him closeness. Kevin Clark the ringer. You just terrific work. You're just still thirty thirty three years old. What kind of futures that crazy it's unfair? He's our Lamar. He's just got ten twelve years of nothing but great articles The Ringer Kevin Clarke go. What's your what's your twitter handle by Kevin Clark all right So again very clever. It's great seeing you on all your success. Happy Marriage Bridge. Good luck going forward. Love having on the show. Thanks joy.

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