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Sky at checkout for the family of a texas state trooper thanksgiving will never be the same alongside interstate forty five between dallas and houston texas trooper damon allen had stopped a chevy malibu for a traffic violation he had spoken with the driver to bret black and was walking back toward his patrol car investigators say black stepped out with a rifle and shot alan several times killing him on the spot black drove off but was later captured in a pasture after a shootout he had a gunshot wound to his leg and white wounds from a police dog but he will survive to face capital murder charges had cooper alan's death jim ryan abc news houston by the way to murder trooper was married and had three kids more prison time for the paralympian known as blade runner oscar pistorious now faces thirteen years for murdering his girlfriend riva steven camp south african court increased the sentence after prospect you too said his original sentence six years was shockingly lenient jubilation in zimbabwe where for the first time in nearly four decades the nation as a new leader hull and uncertainty in zimbabwe with the inauguration of president emerson meaning gagua a former vice president he was ousted by mentor or robert mugabe earlier this month that controversial move eventually led to the longtime dictator his resignation amid nationwide protests elections are expected in zimbabwe next year abc's jennifer eccleston at the abc news foreign desk this is abc news good morning walk at a black friday we've got some cloudy skies occur of downtown seattle we are setting packed forty eight degrees sector joining us.

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