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Trish Williams is among the volunteers she attends a Catholic Church back home in mobile Alabama I was talking to my best one of my best friends there and I'll tell you what we were doing because I was getting donations from people and she said yes we do we really want all those thousands and thousands of people and she's one of the most beautiful Christians are now in a letter in the innocent this isn't about politics this is not what we're talking about here these are human beings that need help it's not about politics and that's all I can say to people sister Norma Pimentel runs the respite center in downtown McAllen she started it at a nearby church in twenty fourteen as unaccompanied minors began reaching the border in record numbers we thought it was just gonna be for a couple of days turn out that this was on point and never stopped sister Norma says more migrants come through this location than any other respite center in the country upwards of nine hundred people a day she does not hide her disdain for the current immigration policies like limiting the number of asylum seekers who can enter the US each day she blames this policy for the death of course got I mean this and his twenty three month old daughter the nation cringed at a photo of them face down along the Rio Grande the border between the US and Mexico they drowned while trying to cross just a few days before our business this family was trying to enter our country the right way to the point of entry into waited for weeks and months because are the policies that we have in place he turns them from doing that and keep some desperate to the point that day restore life thing and going through a river that was dangerous and and losing their lives because of.

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