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This'd is the M zone, then welcome back to the end zone. Jamie Morris did his 50 and Matt Miss Lor on the ones and twos at the Taj Mahal. And as I said, going out, I'm going to the place where we were supposed to play the game. That would be Iowa City. And talk to someone out there. See what's going on. What's it like after the game got canceled, and I have to go to family That would be my fiancee's uncle. That would be Pat Hardy. He is the co owner and founder of hawks fanatics dot com and also your press sports dot com and Iowa City. Pat. What's going on? Are you doing good, Jamie? How you doing and how C J doing. C J is doing well, He's upstairs. Sleeping is nothing better than a sleeping baby. I'm telling you, Dad, I'm sure you're right about that. We'll tell him. I said Hi. Tell Becky I said hi and well. Down here. It's Z kind of hard to describe. It's just it's like nobody was surprised. That the game was canceled. But they were disappointed and sort of surprised If that makes sense. I mean, was covert. You've learned that anything can happen. There was rumblings coming out of Michigan, but I think fans were hopeful that the game would be played because I was playing really well right now. And then boom. It's just Rug pulled out from under him, but Kurt parents was he. I thought he handled it well yesterday he didn't complain, he said. You know, we need to be happy with what we've accomplished. I mean, I was one of three big 10 teams that made it through the regular season playing all eight games, so he kind of chose to focus on the mask. Wow. That's something that didn't that didn't come to my attention. I'm sorry. I look, this was, uh, this was This was interesting based on my part because I wasn't in the studio on the radio yesterday. So when you you and I were texting, I'm like, Well, maybe it's coming out of Iowa and he goes. No. You said no. It's coming from Michigan. Then I had to go and make some phone calls. Look at Twitter. And I'm finding out Oh, well, we We haven't up Dick. It's not happening your way and you know, I I almost apologized to you because Michigan's not coming to Iowa City to play because I thought maybe we had gotten over the worst part, But I guess they had an uptick and We're not. We're not able to play against you. Now you're athletic director basically said they just did not have enough players. Across the board at multiple positions to feel the team and it's unfortunate I will give Iowa credit. I mean, they've played all eight of their games they've had Nothing as far as covert stuff that we've had to really report on. There haven't been any major law. They've had injuries and what have you but Obeyed wise. They've been on top of it. I think some of its locks, but I also think some of it's they've done a good job of following protocol. Not sick, saying that Michigan hasn't but you know, unfortunately for Michigan, it just hasn't worked out. But it hasn't worked out for like I said 11 of the teams have lost games this year, and it's just It's unfortunate and the weird thing about the Iowa Michigan game and Is the strange thing is Iowa fans obviously wanted Indiana. It's just weird to see Iowa fans disappointed in football about having to play Michigan instead of Indiana. That's that's a weird one. I'm that's just a weird one. But that shows you the times we're living in and You know, you guys know Michigan has not had a good year, and Indiana did. I'll tell you Heard one is that I was, you know, they lost their first game of the year. We don't know what was gonna happen the season, But, you know, looking back losing the Northwestern by one point. This was pretty good football team like you could look back and talk about One possession games. One play here there and there might be a completely different type of narrative on this, I will football team as it relates to this season. Yeah, they would beat north. If they held onto their 17 enough and lied in the first quarter. I will would have the chance to go over and I don't want to say lose Ohio State in the Big 10 championship game, But that's probably more than likely. What would have happened? Yeah, and that game? Yeah, I will They. I don't want to use the word choke, but they were up 17 enough in Northwestern handed them too early Touchdown. That's also the game where Spencer Petrus and making his second start through 50 passes for I just don't think Brian parents had a good day calling plays that day. I think they've learned from it there. I think they gave up on their running attack way too soon in that game, But in fairness, Northwestern won that game. They earned it by playing tough defense and They just seem to have Iowa's number They just do. I mean, there's there's just years where I was offense just can't run and I think Brian's parents lost faith in the running game. And sure enough, Spencer Peters had no business showing that many passes and they paid a steep price for it. Your list. You're listening to Pat Hardy, co founder and co owner and founder, hawkeye fanatic dot com. Pat. You got to explain to me how Kurt turned this team around. I mean, I thought this was this was ah, sinking ship, but he's turned this team around, got get on, galvanized them and head and has them. In the right direction. No, without question. I mean, the stuff that happened this summer, the racial stuff. That stuff's not all fix. You're not gonna fix that in six months. That stuff's going to take some time. They've made some moves. They got rid of their strength, Coach and It's in the Leadership Council now has been completely revamped. I mean, there was never a year the leadership cancels a group of 18 to 21 members of they have. Each class is represented with players and they, you know they decide policy and they kind of activity. I've never had more black players on the leadership Council until this year. I mean, there was one year they had, um 19 players on the leadership Council 17 were white two or black. That wasn't that long ago, and that stuff all led to this, but they've made a lot of changes, and they still have work to do with that. But when this team was going to, I thought the wheels were falling off and you know, national media was ready. They were ready to pounce on the story line, saying a. The racial stuff from the summer has completely seeped into the program, and it's affecting what's going on on the field. I was worried that was gonna happen. But, boy, they've turned the corner. Now. I also willing to acknowledge the Big Ten's not very good This year. I was still hasn't beaten a good team this year. I mean, if you really wanna, they have not beating a team with a winning record. Minnesota has the best record three and three, but They've taken care of the team's on their schedule in they had to. They won six games in a row and I credit courage. Parents. I called. This may be his best coaching job. Under the circumstances, There's a lot of pressure. There's a lot of stuff going on with Hawkeye football right now. No hay is I was planning on going to a bowl game. Yes, Kurt did say yesterday that they will definitely go to a ballgame. The hope is here. We're hearing capital one or Outback bowl And I mean, but it's just not the same. I've been. I've been kind of joking around thinking. If I was state loses to Oklahoma, I would love to see Iowa Iowa State play. Instead of going to Florida to play in an empty stadium, where tourism not really being allowed. Play it. You need a home in Cedar Falls have the two teams play. I would love to see that, but I know that's not gonna happen, But yet, Kirk said they will play. In a bowl game and hurt was not for me right After the game got canceled yesterday, Iowa fans and Georgia fans were saying, Hey, let's play. Let's play Well, let's get it done. Kirk made it clear that he did not want to do that. He's like you know where 70% through our preparation for Michigan. You can't just stop and all sudden take 23 days to start preparing for another game. So he was adamant that he did not want to see that. So that kind of stop that talk so but, yes, they are definitely going to go to a ball game. Hey, Pat. We've got some breaking news here on WTKK, and it comes in the recruiting world here on signing day savior Worthy the wide receiver from California who committed to Michigan, but then Had Alabama said he was going to come down to signing day between those two. He has tweeted out that he has officially committed to Michigan. So that's some good news for the Wolverines says they think a lot of people thought when you opened that back up, that he was going to go to Alabama..

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