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Jake tapper spoke to Alexandria, oka- CEO Cortes over the weekend and she wants health care for everybody. She's just like Beethoven just everybody gets health care all the help they want, and it shouldn't cost anything in it should be happy because we're a really rich nation. I want you to listen carefully to her discussion. And I want you to listen to how she does not offer specifics. She does not offer real information. She instead relies on jingoism. She has these lines. Like, we're the richest nation. Earth. So we can do most anything well, but but who's gonna pay for it? Things will be great. And then she offers as her basis for how she's had this piffling. She's had her Eureka moment. And you know, what it was? She was a waiter at a restaurant a year ago. And she went around asked me, what do you have insurance note? Do you have insurance? No, do you have insurance? No. You know, what nobody has insurance? We have to fix this. Because by the restaurant, nobody had it. And so we have to do this just while we're all rich is rich. And if I'm in charge put me in charge, and we're all gonna have stuff well who will pay for it? How we pay for. Well, we're rich. I mean, you know, those rich people were do you see what their Durant around driving? Nice cars. They can pay for it. Forty trillion dollars. And you don't have to tell you. How big forty trillion dollars is listen to this. This woman is a democrat nominee to congress. To be one of.

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