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AIDS Institute died or slash action paid for by the AIDS Institute, 12 38 to read in the traffic center in Virginia right now, seeing delays on North bound in 95 coming from 16 Garrison Ville Road headed into Quantico. The work was reportedly in the left lane South found 95, however, looks good out of Springfield into Fredericksburg, with the lanes available to you eastbound 66 close just a little bit. Between 1, 23 and Nutley. This is where you lose the left side of the roadway within that long term work zone. Now in Maryland on 3 55 South bound Wisconsin Avenue before Bradley Boulevard in Bradley Lane. Traffic had been stopped due to a gas main break. Watch for any redirection there in the area of Leland Street, South Bounty 70 delays After Obama headed past 109, a single right wing gets by the work zone and North bound local lane starting to see a bit of a backup near Falls Road toward 28 with a single lane getting by the work on the Bay Bridge. There are now Limited wind restrictions. In effect, no house trailers, empty box trailers. Any vehicle that cannot safely across the bridge will not be prohibited will not be allowed to cross it. Also, if you're getting across the very nice Mac Middleton Bridge wind warnings in effect. This does not carry any vehicle restrictions in the district North, about 90 95 at a slow Carl passing laboratory road toward Malcolm X Avenue Watch for the work. The inbound Douglas Bridge also reportedly had a work zone in the right lane discovered the sleep number 3 60 smart bed for proving quality sleeps. $1000 on a special edition Smart bed for a limited time only and sleep number stores or sleep number dot com. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p Traffic the W T o P four day forecast from Chuck Bell. The Northwest Wind is back and it is here to stay and all the averaging around 20 to 30 MPH all day today, But gusts over 40.

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