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Nude was born in Mogadishu Somalia in Nineteen Ninety two. His father owned and ran a few small businesses. We had an ice cream shop and we had a clothing store but the ice cream would have been there. The big moneymaker back then because someone is a very hot country but when Mustafa was eleven the Somali terrorist group. al-shabaab asked his father to provide them with funding. SPA refused multiple times. Missed office says and then one day around noon members of Al Shabaab came to missed office house and in front of Mustafa his mother and his seven younger siblings. The murdered his father in their courtyard by four PM. The family was fleeing Somalia Amalia. So we didn't have any time to Like start thinking where we should we go. We should we take Wouldn't even take any of our belongings. The only item I I just managed to grab a bitch it from my bed. That's pretty much that's all you left with stuff in. His family. Spent roughly the next decade until he was twenty two in refugee camps in Kenya until they were resettled Lancaster City Pennsylvania in two thousand fourteen and out of these tragic circumstances is just five years later. Mustafa is a small business owner. Just like his dad was refugees like him and other immigrants are a meaningful part of a complicated success story story the story of how Lancaster City and surrounding Lancaster county have prospered economically. I'm Stacey Management and I'm Cardiff Garcia. This is indicated for planet. Money when you're listening to episode to our spotlight on Lancaster County Pennsylvania on today's episode. What Lancaster success tells us about the relationship between refugees and and their local economy.

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