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Beneficial <Speech_Female> for <Speech_Female> the patriots receivers. <Speech_Female> I'm Sierra. <Speech_Female> Goodwill here <Speech_Female> with Evan Lazar. <Speech_Female> Nikiel Harry is <Speech_Female> really expected <Speech_Female> to take a major <Speech_Female> jump in his second <Speech_Female> NFL season. <Speech_Female> How <Speech_Female> does new in <Speech_Female> help <SpeakerChange> that <Speech_Male> development <Speech_Male> while the guy that I look <Speech_Male> back for Nikiel <Speech_Male> Harry and Cam Newton <Speech_Male> and sort of the model <Speech_Male> that they can look at. At <Speech_Male> is Kelvin <Speech_Male> Benjamin in two thousand <Speech_Male> fourteen, when he was a <Speech_Male> rookie with Carolina <Speech_Male> went for over a thousand <Speech_Male> yards in his first <Speech_Male> season in that offense, <Speech_Male> because him and Cam <Speech_Male> had a great relationship <Speech_Male> on back <Speech_Male> shoulder throws <Speech_Male> high point fades. <Speech_Male> Just throw the ball <Speech_Male> up and let the big guy make <Speech_Male> a play and that <Speech_Male> was something that the Patriots <Speech_Male> tried to. To do often last <Speech_Male> year with Nick Harry, <Speech_Male> but the timing, <Speech_Male> and just sort of the <Speech_Male> element of the offense <Speech_Male> has never really seemed <Speech_Male> to click with Tom Brady. <Speech_Male> Right never seemed to <Speech_Male> really work and the <Speech_Male> one thing that we looked <Speech_Male> into kill. We talk about his <Speech_Male> route, running the fact that <Speech_Male> releases <Speech_Male> at the line of scrimmage or <Speech_Male> as route breaks aren't necessarily <Speech_Male> as. As Christmas, you <Speech_Male> want them to be in timing <Speech_Male> the precision of his <Speech_Male> route. Running is <Speech_Male> exactly where <Speech_Male> you need to be. <Speech_Male> The quarterback like <Speech_Male> cameras going to be a lot. <Speech_Male> More space is <Speech_Male> going to be a lot more pressman <Speech_Male> coverage a <Speech_Male> lot less press coverage <Speech_Male> I should say because <Speech_Male> they have to worry about <Speech_Male> cam as a runner <Speech_Male> rights you're not going to. To be able <Speech_Male> to turn your back to the quarterback <Speech_Male> as often so <Speech_Male> you're going to see a little bit more zone <Speech_Male> a little bit more op <Speech_Male> coverage I think <Speech_Male> for the team <Speech_Male> moving forward for defenses <Speech_Male> against the Patriots <Speech_Male> moving forward I think all <Speech_Male> of that benefits <Speech_Male> Nicole Harry. They <Speech_Male> can get sort of that relationship <Speech_Male> that he <Speech_Male> had with Kelvin Benjamin <Speech_Male> where I <Speech_Male> know. Know when you have this type <Speech_Male> of body positioning <Speech_Male> of I. Throw it to your back <Speech_Male> shoulder. You're going to catch <Speech_Male> it nine times out of ten. <Speech_Male> That's the type <Speech_Male> of kind of relationship <Speech_Male> that I think that those <Speech_Male> two can kind of glean <Speech_Male> out of this. I'm really <Speech_Male> excited to see. <Speech_Male> If Cam can sort <Speech_Male> of bring out another side <Speech_Male> and Nikiel hearing <Speech_Male> on. On top of that you <Speech_Male> have the ability with cams <Speech_Male> legs to <Speech_Male> run zone. Read <Speech_Male> to run, rpo to <Speech_Male> run different types of concepts <Speech_Male> that can get <Speech_Male> Nicole Harry opportunities <Speech_Male> to create <Speech_Male> what the ball on his hands <Speech_Male> in after the catch <Speech_Male> opportunities, <Speech_Male> quarterback cam <Speech_Male> is always good <Speech_Male> for guys that went after <Speech_Male> the cash, and that's what in <Speech_Male> the kill. Harry can do <Speech_Male> and. And I think that's what the Patriots <Speech_Male> are going to do moving <Speech_Male> forward as rely <Speech_Male> on fifty <Speech_Male> ball skills, but also <Speech_Male> realize <Speech_Male> basically Nicole. <Speech_Male> Harry is a glorified <Speech_Male> running back in a lot of <Speech_Male> ways with the ball on this. And <Speech_Male> now they got two guys <Speech_Male> that are huge <Speech_Male> great ball, carriers <Speech_Male> and Cameron to kill. <Speech_Male> That can do a lot <Silence> of different things <SpeakerChange> together. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Not The rest of this receiving <Speech_Female> core <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> still the number one <Speech_Female> guy we know.

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