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It's once again for america's favorite show the radio adventures of dr loyd brought to you by roy dot com. We last left out. Hero dot com lloyd. He was in the middle of a most troublesome trip. He'd been transported into the works of classic literature by three rival. Scientists along for the ride was none other than dr. Lloyd's watch nemesis evil mastermind. Dr steve we. Now find dr steve crashing down to earth in the middle of a small lane deep in a lush forest. These landings don't get any easier. A floyd floyd floyd where are you where could he. Yeah that's right. I took my arm from around. Dr floyd shoulder right when we were being transported. Who knew he was right. We've been separated so he could be anywhere in the works of classic literature and he's got a translator or remote control. That's my only chance of getting back to settle river. In a moment of panic steve reaches up to run his fingers through his hair as he does. He instantly becomes aware that he has now sprouted to and to very fuzzy years. I seem to have sprouted to very long and very fuzzy is what is going on here. And why does my reread feel twitchy. Do i've grown a little fuzzy cotton tail. I've turned into a rabbit. I wondered why those trees seem so big. What kind of crazy piece of literature has vowed up in now. Just then three. Little rabbits comes speeding up the lane. Pass dr steve pushing him out of the way. Watch it. Come on the lookout who wait. Hang on competed. Tell me where they've gone since i'm a rabbit to why should follow them. At least until. I figure out where i am that steve takes off up the lane. After three other rabbits he soon finds them at the entrance of a borough. That's near a sandbank. Under the root of a very big for tree they are gathered around a larger rabbit. Who is talking to them. And as dr steve sheepishly hops up behind them the larger rabbit looks at him. Crossley made again. Peter really sorry now i lean whatever book this is i've been cast as a rabbit named peter who i need to get out of here koya cater. Are you listening what. Oh oh yes yes. i'm listening. good. Now i was just telling flop. C mops and cotton tail that. I have oxy mop z and cotton tail. Yes peter your sisters remember. Oh right boy. I'm sure glad that crazy name train derailed before it got to me. Sorry i was just telling your siblings. That i'm going to bakers while i'm away. You may go into the field or down the lane but do not go into mister mcgregor's garden. You all remember what happened to your father when he went there. Don't you christly. My memory's a little fuzzy along with the rest of me. Apparently what happened to dear old dad when he went into mister mcgregor's garden again. Got what into a pie. That's not good now. Run along children and don't get into any mischief. I'm going out and remember. Do not go down to mister mcgregor's garden. Got it peter. Yes ma'am mrs rabbit. Gathered her basket an umbrella and went through the woods to the bakers. Flossy mop and cotton tail. What could little buddies and went down the lane together blackberries. Dr steve however remained behind boyd. Mrs rabbit sure did make a point of stressing that we shouldn't go down to mister mcgregor's garden high but it's a real neat place. Grownups are always telling kids not to go places that we know are probably pretty fun and as you know one sure way to get me to do something is to tell me not to do it. I mean a slew worst. They could possibly happen. Would this foolish thought in his head. Dr steve hop straight down to mister mcgregor's scott and squeezed himself under the gates. What dangers away. Dr steve on the other side of the gate did mister mcgregor's garden. Could this possibly be wear. Dr floyd has wound up. And if dr floyd is not dad does this mean dr. Steve will be stuck as a rabbit from now on. We have gainful employment around easter time. Find out next time on the radio. Adventures of flowing episode number. Seven seven of the radio adventures of dr floyd starred. Peggy address mrs rabbit. Davi see as flossie lily g. as moxie and the ink tornado as cotton tail music for this episode by jody white sides. Www dot jody whiteside dot com. This episode was written by grant but joko leave us voicemails at area code eight one eight three three two three zero five three visit the brand new radio adventures of dr floyd merchandise store at www. Dot dr floyd dot com slash store. This episode was recorded. At dr floyd studios in beautiful downtown burbank. California episode number seven seven of the radio. Adventures of dr floyd is copyright two thousand and eight dr floyd industries. All rights reserved the airwaves. Clear the airwaves. It's now time for dr floyd's imagination nation rangers secret message for you members of the dr floyd imagination. Remember kids official radio adventures of dr floyd imagination nation. Rangers can code. Dr floyd secret message with the secret dakota ring available only from www dot imagination ranger dot com. Alright grab your secrets a coatings and a pencil and paper and prepare to set your imagination to fund. Remember dr floyd county on you and here. Is the radio adventures of dr floyd imagination nation ranger secret message for episode number seven hundred seven herald raising and experience. Thirteen sixteen seven fourteen fourteen. A one five three four three one. Eight three twenty three sixteen a fourteen one three their team back teen eighteen fourteen seventeen three nine a four sixteen a fourteen a one and that was a message from dr floyd himself to all his imagination nation rangers. You join dr. Floyd's imagine nation nation and become an imagination nation ranger only at www dot imagination ranger dot com. And until next time. Set your imagination do fun. I don't just there. You're under strict daughters. Go to www dot dot com hip..

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