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And support our communities but Congress is considering one of the biggest tax increases on businesses in American history tax hikes will let our foreign competitors in China and Europe out innovate outcompete and outgrow America raising taxes will only hold America back Congress keep America competitive Say no to harmful tax increases paid for by business roundtable It's 1236 the jury is in the middle of a second day of deliberations in the trial of three white men charged in the killing of black jogger Ahmad Arbery in Georgia the mostly white jury returned to the courtroom to re watch cell phone video of Arbery's shooting Jurors also wanted to hear again the 9-1-1 call of one of the defendants making it right before the shooting Atlanta WSB reporter Veronica waters tells us there's a lot of tension in the community now It wasn't until the state GBI came in to investigate having had that video go viral And a third district attorney invite them in that any arrest was made And so the community is saying that was a failure of our justice system Of course they've ousted that first district attorney since then in an election And now they're wondering if this jury verdict is going to give them the justice that they feel Now jurors are weighing murder charges against father and son Greg and Travis mcmichael and their neighbor William roddy Bryan The mcmichaels say they suspected Arbery was a burglar when they chased him past their home in February of last year Brian joined that chase and then recorded the cell phone video Travis mcmichael has testified that he fired at Arbery in self defense Coming up the race to get COVID booster shots for.

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