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No, we have proof of that three medevac planes coming in with no explanation for them other than the fact that we know also they air traffic controller I can speak about him now because he passed away this spring. He was also a working one evening. A seven fifty seven would leave the bone yard at Mojave air force errors, Aaron spaceport is called which is just north of of Andrus or excuse me up Edwards, and he was an air traffic controller there and this airplane would fly out. What's called VF are? Flight rules, and it was painted as a US air seven fifty seven. But it wasn't it was leaving from the bone yard. And so now, he had a son who's friend worked on that plane and knew about this plane coming out, and it did this almost every Saturday night leading up to nine eleven and before it would leave a bus full of what this kid thought. And I say kid, you know, twenty year old or so what he thought was a busload of what looked to him to be flight attendants with a little black suitcase on wheels get on this seven fifty seven every Saturday night. Well, one the first night that he found out. It was in a near miss out by bar sto, which is just outside of the restricted airspace of Edwards with a continental seven thirty seven and the continental pilot had to do what's called evasive maneuvers to not get a mid air crash, and they were screaming at their traffic control. So this guy from Edwards started watching this airplane, and this was in the weeks leading up to nine eleven every Saturday night. It would take off. And once it got to Vegas. It would file a flight plan from in the air and go to Washington DC Dulles airport. No, go ahead. Go ahead. So what we are pretty darn sure that that airplane was up at westover and was used as a get-away playing for those people that were part of the operation northwards part the charade or the hoax that was nine eleven those people that weren't part of it. Where their lives were ended there. I'm assuming of because you wouldn't want to shoot them. You wouldn't want to have the blood and all that? So the best we can figure is they were gas with something somewhat quick and lethal. And then their bodies were taken out of that base. The dude you don't you don't you don't touch a lot on the buildings you primarily concentrate on the planes. So I would assume you would accept the theory of people like Dr Judy would who claimed that the buildings were taken down. Yeah. You know in book four methodical exposure, I've actually been working with an architect who built not just airports, but skyscrapers in the west coast. So we've kind of worked really closely and actually are talking about doing a series of nonfiction books together nonfiction. Uh-huh. Real scientific stuff because we've got enough data to do that. I just a number of architects, the architects and engineers who believe that. It was a controlled demolition. Termite. And now no through might in the dust. And so how do you? Well, they did they did Nanno Fairmont. This is kind of interesting Nanno, sir. My is only available to the US government. I think the government of Israel has it too. But it's a long ways to commute with that stuff. So let's say it's a government issued got act. So let's say if you could only buy butter at one store, and you found butter, you would know that came from that store, right? Do you think we're beca because seventeen years have gone by now that people just want this story to go away? Would they do they really want answers? No, I think they really truly want answers. I they response to these novels even has been phenomenal. And also there's people like yourself George that lost. I I mean, they're lost family and friends in the planes, or in the towers, they all contacted not all of them. But lots of them have contacted me. There's a guy who lost his son in the north tower lobby. Bob mcilvanney, I think his how you say his name, and he called he contacted me and thanked me after the first two books for giving him closure. At least he knows. Now, what was going on in that second book? And this is not. I mean, I found this in the New York Times, I just couldn't believe other people hadn't figured it out. Now, the only. We did we have in the second book and deception. The DA guys that that we're following this Isreaeli drug ring massad agents, and they have these surface to air missiles and their intention was to take down a jumbo jet leaving Dallas well, remember after nine eleven there was a an American Airbus leaving JFK in November. And it came down crash. Don't forget TWA flight eight hundred is well, we're gonna come back and talk more Rebecca, but as far as my uncle Google, Douglas Gol G O W E L L..

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