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The movie is the MOMS say no. We're GONNA go like we saw your character and that clip and she was like no. I'm I'm coming to see you. I'm not leaving until he says he loves me needs me. Do you see yourself doing that. You've got two kids now. Thirteen right I have done it. You know because well my daughter. She gives me kisses everyday. She's very easy free with that like I love you. Mom Mhm on the phone right is always three kiss before you get off my son. He's just too cool for school and I've had to sit him down and say I love you and I walk. I sacrifice being we're here to you know to make things nice for you and it would be nice if you would say I love you mom or can we spend some time. I mean just real at that age. He was at that stage kids. Go through slight hug. You Hudli no no. He's like he's like I'm a man now. I'm out yeah. Kinda Kinda Gene Your old man at sea but he's he's he's come back around. He's pretty loving loving through here but I know it's a passing phase. I know it like every other phase and it's coming on when we might be a passing. You seem like a very down to earth and simple person considering the world that you live in. Is that like the stage or is that just you. That's excuse me yeah yeah. How do you think you've remained grounded in all of these years? Because if I was a legend I would not be grounded. I don't think so you like one of the most down to Earth just like genuine beautiful people ever met but you also legend. If I was a legend I would tell people I'm I'm alleged begin ever since as a legend alleged what do you what do you think has has kept you being youth all of these years you know I think the wonderful family that that race meet the simplicity in which that was raised you know single mom you know just working hard trying to you know make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Say My Auntie who I who I love so much he said don't don't waste your college education. Don't waste your education on theater because is I guess it's not GonNa work out work out for you it so tenuous and you know and unimaginable but it did work out work out but it didn't have to but until cart work and it took Opportunity Unity Opportunity Meeting your preparation and and and you're a legend as you hold the second Angela Bassett everybody the legend the daily show criminal years addition wants to show weeknights at eleven ten central on comedy central and the comedy..

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