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And governor sign up for that faceoff sixty five percent the tampa bay face off to the right of solanki so rally and eller now the only guy for washington it's really lights out it's been j d three has been outstanding in the series so far rob raleigh case premature hands to the ice trick yanni gord comes into lars eller l winds would back to point in the middle of walk away by kalani races afric carlson gets there first center red line standing by coburn coins behind the washington that paulson is there to take it he holds belsky from behind the upper middle fires ed ot oh she is hit by coburn and center while welltimed play there through the neutral zone not easy to do warburg continues to play real well was good and gave one and that's a solid play had been fires out tipton the capstone by gord case down by rally around the washington d ridden to the board quite kanthi along the boards that can by lars eller look to that zone federally upcoming on tape obey their first they'll be shorthanded for the first time in the game eight thirteen to go here in the second period caps get there yanni gordon for hooking the battle for the cup is on get all the latest from the stanley cup playoffs extended coverage every game night with nhl tonight on nhl network you might even see darren pang on there and billy billy jaffe absolutely billy's doing some great work here reports pre post game it's always fun going into new jersey and taking part of the nhl network and recovery while the great power they work hard and their production value with the amount of hours spent on just promoting and showing the game a hockey on the road that's the first thing returned to catch up to the previous tiny whatever's going on power play caps they win the faceoff frosted central the balloons right sided crews they're holding looking out to carlson center of the right side turns looking around in the corner cheaper way guide we'll look more zillur back at the.

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