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And i'm sitting there in my shorts i take off my tv show to get you know because the hot day to get some sun and some fans would have the spray bottles with with water and the spray themselves and everybody else to keep cool so i'm sitting there watching the game and a guy on my right caps me on the leg and i kind of look at him he has a joint in his hand and he's doing the friendly confines don't like i'm not saying so i guess take it and i take a couple puffs on i go to give it back to him he says no pass it down i go what he goes pass it down down down down the row the row so i guess and i'm watching this thing and it's going back and forth and another one was going back and forth you know i was watching the game at that point i'm just watching this you know like this is like amazing but but no police came no i should came sixty seventies beneath okay yeah you know but people just pass it if they did want to smoke it just passed it back you know it was going from road road and another one i don't know who these people were i was i was by myself nobody complain no no people will call us unamerican right hippies or or garbage or whatever wrigley field it was with this feather bidding stretch with harry carey it was just fun whether the cubs won or lost it was a good time and you know what i i can i say it gives new meaning to the fr words it's friendly confines go greg and elizabeth greg you're on the fan hey tony how you all right man how are you bringing back so many memories you talking about rundown was a ball and two guys with throw it back and forth then kids would appear and they rip apart a cardboard box and make bases and they run back and forth i think that little kids got started out that way because it was a real little kid they didn't know anything but you always let them make it and they were safe you know so they loved it they would keep coming but there were so many skills they develop out the game skill you know the drill you just doing things that just want to say busy and.

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