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Alfred Banality, MD. Here Euros. Kimberly Bermel been naughty and co host. Heated Ugur and Jeff lack staff. Thank you so much when listening and watching American medicine today I am Kimberly been naughty along with my friends. Ethan, you cur and Jeff Wagstaff. Now, this week's Senate Democrats began to move on their election reform legislation for the People Act. But Republican critics are opposed to build, calling it a democratic power grab that would make voter fraud even easier to commit. Joining us to discuss is Lauren Bowman, spokeswoman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation and former member of the Trump White House communications team. Thank you for joining us. Thanks for having me on. Absolutely. Now. Can you break down What's in this bill for us? What are they trying to change? Because we're hearing things that there's you know, Same day voter registration, which could really be chaotic for election officials. At least one would think And then kind of automatic voter registration through federal databases. Should we really trust that? Yeah. So one of the things that would implement that would require all 50 states toe have same day voter registration. So you show up to the polls on election day, and they're required to let you register to vote with no proof of I d. There's no safeguards that there you're proving who you say you are that you live in the district and all of that. So that's just so much chaos for election workers on the day of Election Day, and then Yeah, What they're going to say is we're gonna implement automatic voter registration forever. One in every federal and state databases. So, for example, the D M V. Your driver's license. There are tons of people who have driver's license that aren't eligible to vote because maybe they're a green card holder, a foreigner or they're underage. They're 16 years old and driving. They shouldn't be on the voter rolls. So there's some issues with that that just creating Evolution to be on the voter rolls, and that makes it where they can actually to the polls and vote. I love other Democrats are spinning this, though you know. Biden infamously called it Jim Crow on steroids. What does that have to do with discrimination and race to me? It just It's the Democrats wanting as many people to vote that are probably gonna vote Democrat as possible. That's why they want to change the law. Know exactly. They always play the race card anytime they don't agree with something right? It has to be that it's racist. Well, one of the things that they point to, as we saw in Georgia is voter. I d. All right, D they say, is a racist requirement. It's trying to keep minorities from voting. Well, actually, over 70% of the American people support voter idea requirements. They think it's common sense also, I think, get Insulting to say that a minority can't get a idee on. Do you know that's one of the funny things we stall in Georgia is you know, the MLB moved their game out of Atlanta because of it. Well, you know, the Major League Baseball requires you to have an idea. When you pick up your tickets from will call Everyone in society today has an idea. And you know, if you don't this law, they do all voter I d requirements. They always provide access to help get people a identification card for hurry. Lauren. That's an excellent point that it's been made to seem that if you ask someone for a navy that that somehow racist, But as you pointed out, there's not many things that you conduce in society today. Without an I D. So why would something is important as voting? Where does that come from? Other than just trying to get, as Ethan said, is many people on the tax or on the voting registration is possible. Where does this racist angle come from? Because white Black Asian Martian. You have to have an I D the function in society. Exactly. And we find in polls that over 65% of African Americans support voter I d requirements, So this has nothing to do with race. What Republicans want is we want to make it easier to vote but harder to cheat. And it seems like through this legislation with the Democrats are proposing is Let's make it as easy to vote as possible and it's easy to cheat. It's possible we don't wanna have to have people proved that they are who they say they are on day. I think the only reason for that could be they're hoping to protect their majority by voter fraud, which is just it should be bipartisan. We all in our country should want free and fair elections where we can trust the results. And I don't think that this s one is that with that in mind at all, it's complete opposite. It's a hijack of our republic. Well, I'm just wondering if you have to go to say Sam's Club Costco. You can't get through the door without your cute little idea is that now considered racist and all universities you have your ID e. And you have to show ideas sometimes to get your discounts. If you go to the movie theater, all those things truly racist. Exactly. You have to have an idea to get on a flight. So we're all airlines Racist. It just goes to prove how Hippocratic the Democrat Party has become. I mean, now and ideas, racist. It's just come on like it demeans what real racism is in this country on We have obviously come very far from the 19 sixties to where we are now. On. There are no doubt are some still issues of real racism that exist. But this you just are the calling wolf. It makes it. It's just dressed. Disgusting to me as an American, I you come on. Come on, man. Right As sleepy Joe would say Lauren s so tell us about your group. And what specifically, you all are doing to combat this? Yes. So we are a I've a one c three nonprofit, a nonprofit tax deductible organization called the Public Interest Legal Foundation. So we are working tirelessly to educate the public about what HR one is, but we also what we do is we are. We are a law firm, so we bring up in cases. Come across this country and states about voter integrity issues, and we actually just had like a huge win in North Carolina this week, where we forced the government to agree to disclose documents about foreigners registering and voting and elections..

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