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I was at that sears not too long ago at lake line mall and honestly i seriously i don't think i've saw anyone well yeah no no one i don't i didn't see an employee and customer really steal something in late just just walked right on through right through the store there's nobody there yeah sure says thirty percent of that loss is come from seventy two total stores that they're closing nationwide a quarterly loss of four hundred twenty four million dollars they're gonna have to obviously the the they got to streamline they've got a modernized they've got to do like maybe it is maybe their day is is come and gone here's his the next toys r us it does make me sad and again i try to support them wherever you think about it though sears sears was the first amazon that this country had amazon is the equivalent in today's terms yeah yeah right sure you bought you bought homes through sears through the sears catalog right he bought everything they were the first to deliver goods and services those of us of a certain age concertedly remember that big day and usually it was late august or early september when the sears wish book would come every year the christmas which would be worn out by the time christmas day you know it's it's it has a big place in my heart and it it's just it's a tradition that's it's hanging is trying its best but it's just dropping like flies man now fly also coming up after the bottom of the hour news love to get your reaction to this what do you mean county the sheriff jody robert jodie goodman his office is looking to catalog every private security camera in the county to aid in future investigations basically if you have a security camera system at your home or your business your church wherever you're at wherever they want you to register there were special porter portal on the williamson county website wow so that if a crime is committed they can come to you and say hey we'd like to see your security footage show anybody that has either you know a cameras on the outside of their house it might be just a ring camera right next to the door kind of camera those those rain cameras right next to the door can also see what's going on on the streets right if there's a crime committed in.

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